Thursday, Oct 27

8:00 WB SMALLVILLELana faces the fight of her life when she's forced to join the bitchiest sorority on campus!8:00 UPN EVERYBODY HATES CHRISChris receives more tricks than treats when he takes his siblings out for Halloween.

Friday, Oct 28

9:00 SCIFI RESIDENT EVIL—Movie(2002) Hotsy totsy Milla Jovovich battles brain-eating zombies inside an infested research facility.

Saturday, Oct 29

8:00 A&E THE SHINING—Movie(1980) Jack Nicholson takes an ax to his family, who you have to admit is pretty annoying.8:00 FX THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT—Movie(1999) Camping film students pursuing an ancient legend get the poop scared right into their pants.

Sunday, Oct 30

8:00 USA THE HULK—Movie(2003) Director Ang Lee's attempt at bringing the "smashing" Marvel superhero to life.9:00 HBO CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASMLarry's attempts at greeting trick-or-treaters bring (expectedly) horrifying results.

Monday, Oct 31

9:00 FOX PRISON BREAKMichael's breakout plan is once again stalled when Abruzzi gets demoted.9:00 E! THE SCORNED—Movie(2005) For those who really hate reality shows, check out this horror flick, where reality stars get both hacked and slashed.

Tuesday, Nov 1

9:00 NBC MY NAME IS EARLEarl meets the business end of Joy's claws when he helps her old nemesis win a beauty pageant.9:30 NBC THE OFFICEDwight karate chops Michael, which prompts a lunchtime rematch!

Wednesday, Nov 2

8:00 UPN AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODELIt's a bitchslap-athon when the ladies turn against each other in competition.10:00 ABC INVASIONFor those who missed it, check out the pilot of America's favorite butt-poking alien show!A proud member of the AARP.