Dude! Radical! Extreme! steve@thestranger.com.THURSDAY, MAY 208:00 5 Must-See Season Finale Night!: It's the last new episodes of the season for Friends, Frasier, and E.R. Expect the requisite and unnecessary weddings, funerals, and prostate surgeries!

8:00 13 Robbie Knievel: Grand Canyon Death Jump Live!: Evel's kid gets a second chance to try this jump after chickening out the first time because of a little snow. Boo-hoo-hoo!FRIDAY, MAY 218:00 4 Teen People's 21 Hottest Stars Under 21: America's sexiest post-pubescents, including Brandy, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and one member of the Backstreet Boys (hey, check that guy's I.D.!).SATURDAY, MAY 228:00 7 TV Movie: Dr. Quinn, Frontier Proctologist--The Movie (1999). The most highly anticipated film since that stoopid Phantom Menace!

9:00 22 Xena: Warrior Princess: Season Finale! A modern-day woman (Lucy Lawless) suspects she is Xena reincarnated after dreaming she was taking a bubblebath with Gabrielle!Sunday, May 238:00 16 V.I.P.: Season Finale! The gals go undercover in Las Vegas as a gang of female thieves called--appropriately--"The Double Ds."

9:00 4 TV Movie: Cleopatra (1999). All I can say is, thank God this isn't starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.Monday, May 248:00 13 Melrose Place: The Final Episode, EVER!! Don't miss it when everyone in the entire apartment complex devotes their lives to Jesus Christ.

9:00 13 Ally McBeal: Season Finale! Ally goes on a love frenzy with the help of co-star Rev. Al Green!Tuesday, May 258:00 4 Home Improvement: The Final Episode! Y'know, I'd love to watch it, but I think I'll be too busy waxing my scrotum.

8:00 22 Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Finale! It's graduation day, and the mayor celebrates by destroying Sunnydale High!

10:00 4 NYPD Blue: Season Finale! TV's most confusing show ends its season with somebody getting shot, but nobody's sure who it is.Wednesday, May 269:00 11 Star Trek: Voyager: Season Finale! The entire crew agrees to do the entire episode naked since they know nobody is watching anyway.

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