Thursday, June 12

8:00 ABC THAT'S INCREDIBLE: THE REUNION John Davidson and Cathie Lee Crosby team up again to show clips of this 1980s version of Jackass.

8:00 CBS THE AMAZING RACE Tonight's episode title says it all: "I Wasn't Even Going to Touch You Until You Slammed My Head Backwards."

Friday, June 13

8:00 UPN FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE--Movie (1963) The evil masterminds of SMERSH try to trap James Bond with some Rooskie booty.

8:00 MTV THE SOCIAL HISTORY OF PIERCING A special documenting thousands of years of piercing, from tribal decoration to the infected navel of Britney Spears.

Saturday, June 14

8:00 FAM THE KARATE KID--Movie (1984) Ralph Macchio gets a lesson in the ancient art of whoop-ass from Happy Days' Pat Morita.

9:00 NBC MAXIM'S HOT 100 This anally fixated magazine for men celebrates 100 "hot" things guys love, like "chicks," "cars," and "things that don't require any serious thought."

Sunday, June 15

9:00 A&E FATAL ATTRACTION--Movie (1987) Glenn Close ruins a perfectly good non-monogamous relationship by boiling a bunny on the stove.

Monday, June 16

8:00 HBO CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Larry discovers a peculiar use for Tabasco sauce while visiting a porn star (Bob Odenkirk).

9:00 NBC FOR LOVE OR MONEY A group of floozies continue in their quest to trick a gullible bachelor out of a million bucks. Now, that's entertainment!

Tuesday, June 17

8:00 FOX AMERICAN JUNIORS For the love of GOD!! Can you please get that kid to stop singing for one... minute!!

9:00 TNN SCARFACE--Movie (1983) Boy meets drug cartel, boy falls in love with drug cartel, boy invites drug cartel to say hello to his leetle friend.

Wednesday, June 18

8:00 WB BOARDING HOUSE: NORTH SHORE Debut! In this new looky-loo reality show, seven hot-bodied pro surfers bunk up in a North Shore boarding house in Oahu!

9:00 FOX PARADISE HOTEL Debut! Eleven people are slowly voted out of a luxury hotel--and are replaced by members of the studio audience!

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