Thursday, Dec 16 9:00 13 ACTION That dirty rotten prick Peter Dragon is forced to be nice to his employees for the holidays. YAWN! ZZZZZZZ! SNORE! 10:00 5 ER TV’s most disgusting doctor show celebrates Christmas with an episode featuring seven vomiting Santas. Friday, Dec 17 8:00 13 OLIVE THE OTHER REINDEER Matt Groening (The Simpsons) produced this new special about a dog who wants to be one of Santa’s reindeer. 9:00 13 THE PJs HOLI- DAY SPECIAL In order to buy his wife’s present, Thurgood earns money the old-fashioned way: by repossessing all of his tenant’s belongings. Saturday, Dec 18 1:00 22 THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL—Movie Failed actor Michael Caine hits a new career low in this puppet-Þlled adaptation of Dickins’ classic. 9:00 DSC IF WE HAD NO MOON Kind of like It’s A Wonderful Life… except with the moon. Sunday, Dec 19 8:00 5 IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE—Movie (1946) Kind of like If We Had No Moon… except with Jimmy Stewart. 8:00 13 THE SIMPSONS Bart and Lisa battle celebrity guests Tim Robbins and Gary Coleman for the perfect Christmas toy. Monday, Dec 20 9:00 13 ALLY MCBEAL Elaine Þnds a real live baby in a Nativity scene, and unfortunately for all concerned, decides to adopt it. 10:00 COM STRANGERS WITH CANDY Of the many humiliations Jeri (the 49-year-old ex-prostitute/crack addict and high school freshman) constantly endures, she is not pleased when “wearing braces” is added to the list. Tuesday, Dec 21 8:00 22 BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Sure, Buffy knew her new roomie was a bitch from hell, but she had no idea she was an ACTUAL bitch from hell! 10:00 4 ONCE AND AGAIN As Christmas approaches, whiny fortysomethings Rick and Lily Þnd new and exciting things to whine about. Wednesday, Dec 22 9:00 4 DREW CAREY Drew seduces octogenarian Shirley “Partridge Family” Jones by rapping, “You’re a Þne old woman, so back that thang up!”

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