Thursday, Feb 9

9:00 FOX THE O.C.Ryan macks on dead Johnny's sister, and evil surf Nazi Volchok returns!

Friday, Feb 10

8:00 FOX ARRESTED DEVELOPMENTSeries Finale? The last four episodes of the best comedy ever—back-to-back!

Saturday, Feb 11

8:00 NBC WINTER OLYMPICS"One-Eyed Bear" Test Results: Alpine skiing—yes. Figure skating—no. Luge—probably.

Sunday, Feb 12

8:00 BRAVO INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIOComedian Dave Chappelle (who isn't really an actor, is he??) is profiled.

Monday, Feb 13

8:00 FOX SKATING WITH CELEBRITIESWouldn't it be great if the final three celebrities had to share the ice with an angry one-eyed bear?

Tuesday, Feb 14

9:00 CBS DR. PHIL: LOVE SMARTThe morbidly obese "psychologist" gives people advice on healthy relationships. First tip: NEVER LISTEN TO DR. PHIL!

Wednesday, Feb 15

9:00 UPN VERONICA MARSVeronica tries to find out who's blackmailing Neptune's gay teens!Home of the marauding one-eyed bear.