Cast YOUR votes for Kelly and the Boz at:, April 158:00 5 Friends: Rachel's pledge not to gossip is tested when... OMIGAWD! I forgot to do my TAXES!!

8:00 11 Scared Straight: Twenty Years Later: Catch up with the kids who, 20 years ago, were tossed into the clink to scare the crime (and the poop) out of them!Friday, April 167:00 FAM Bionic Double-Feature!: Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner star in two classic back-to-back bionic TV movies: Return of the Six Million Dollar Man, and Bionic Showdown!

10:00 5 Homicide: Life on the Street: Full Metal Jacket's Vincent D'Onofrio guest-stars in this Peabody Award-winning episode from 1997. Recommended!SATURDAY, APRIL 178:00 4 Big Moment: To win fabulous prizes, drunken frat boys must pass a trivia quiz on the Patrick Swayze classic, Ghost.

9:00 HBO Movie: The Jack Bull (1999). Dreamy John Cusack stars as a cowpoke who gives a bunch of outlaws a whuppin' for abusing his ponies!SUNDAY, APRIL 189:00 13 X-Files: Scully may have found the man of her dreams... okay, so he's a mass-murderer who cuts people's hearts out... but why quibble?

10:00 4 The Practice: Jimmy discovers nudie pix of Lucy on the Internet. (Hey, when's the Internet gonna get some nudie pix of ME!?)MONDAY, APRIL 198:00 13 Ally McBeal: Ally is concerned about her upcoming 30th birthday, when she should be concerned about getting some goddam meat on her bones.

10:00 HBO America Undercover: "Black Tar Heroin." A scary documentary on the upswing of heroin use in San Francisco and Seattle. Recommended!TUESDAY, APRIL 2010:00 4 NYPD Blue: Excuse me, but am I the only person who's totally confused by the plots on this show? It's like they're speaking Mandarin Chinese, for the love of crap!WEDNESDAY, APRIL 219:00 7 60 Minutes II: Ed Bradley's assistants (as if Ed ever does any actual work) go undercover at a psychiatric institute, and make a shocking discovery: the workers are mean!!

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