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The center table/core of jacked-up Seattle "sex-tech" electro-sutra band Truckasauras is a ganglion cluster of nerves. As ganglia go, what you have here is a tangle of Korg synth, drum machine, analog processing cells and cords that put out frighteningly huge beats, low end, and cathode-based frenetics. The Truckasauras table is a double complete rainbow of gear. Truckasauras are a band that understands the triptych importance of product placement, megaconsumerism, and adult-American tendencies. That is why they are coming out with a line of Bluetooth dildos. They also now possess their very own half-inch four-track reel-to-reel machine, which means their shit just got real real. Ryan Trudell and Adam Swan sat deeply in leather lounge chairs and bequeathed market-tested knowledge.

Please describe the Bluetooth Truckasauras Dildo.

RT: It's summer fun. The dildo has a processor that syncs with Bluetooth to Babel Fish language-translation technology to translate voice commands into any language you want. If you want a French orgasm, just flip the setting to "French." It vibrates, and you can hear our music. There's the classic koi fish model and the Mel Gibson, which we think is just Yoda that they call Mel Gibson because he's trending. For us, the Bluetooth Truckasauras Dildo is really an outreach program. You know, to get our music out there. The Japanese setting was the most popular in the market testing. There will be more models out sometime next year. One's a bumblebee, and one is supposed to look like Lady Gaga, but it pretty much looks like Yoda, too.

The Bluetooth Truckasauras Dildo Outreach Program. Sounds good. I'd say you're reaching in, though. This must be humbling for you all. When is it coming out? Who is making it?

RT: It's made by a company in Honduras. Definitely humbling. We're not sure when it will be out. Look for them. Great Christmas presents.

Truckasauras recently came upon another toy as well, correct?

AS: We are now the proud owners of an Otari MTR-10 half-inch four-track reel-to-reel machine. It is big pimpin'. Like Jay-Z on a boat.

Why is this tape machine the shit? What does it enable you to do? Why do you love it so?

AS: I have a Tascam half-inch eight-track, which is the shit as well. But this Otari is half the tracks, so the saturation per track is twice as wide on the tape. It pretty much makes everything sound HUGE! Makes me wish I had a two-inch Studer. I am an analog nerd, so it definitely scratches that itch.

How will you be implementing it into Truck's music making?

AS: It will be used somewhere in the recording process. I just have to figure out how to use only four tracks. I actually enjoy having a limited number of tracks, because you have to come up with interesting ways to get around your limitations. The next project I'll probably use it for is finishing up the Linda and Ron's Dad EP. We don't have a computer, so we do a lot of Lee Scratch Perry–type bouncing around on the tape machines. I used to bounce the eight-track to my DAT, then bounce the stereo mix back to two tracks on the eight-track and fill up the reel again. Now I'll probably use the four-track for the stereo bounce off the eight-track and use the two extra tracks for whatever needs to be added. Usually, there is a lot of NW Trees involved with this process. Scratch Perry again.

Geek out for me with a little tech talk on it. What is a specific example of its sonic prowess?

AS: How much ink you got? It's a bit of a one-trick pony in that it only records, but it sounds amazing. Not to start up the debate on analog versus digital—they both have their perks and limitations—but you really can't beat the warmth and grittiness of analog gear. Plus, you pretty much have to nail your takes, which is something I think music has lost since the invention of programs like Pro Tools. Remember when pop stars had talent? A lot of albums have been made on four and eight tracks. I mean, George Martin did Sgt. Pepper's on one. I have done all of our projects so far on my trusty Tascam, but the Otari is a step up from that.

Where did you get it?

AS: Ryan e-mailed me a Craigslist ad; I had the money at the time—it was the paycheck on the 15th not the first of the month. Broke musicians will feel me on that one, and it was literally like four blocks away from my house. This thing is a small appliance. It is about half my height and takes two people to carry. So you can imagine how much it would cost to have it shipped. Plus, I actually got to look at it before I bought it, something you wouldn't be able to do with an eBay purchase. Basically, it was perfect timing, and placement. Friggin' sweet!

Will you be eating broccoli and carrots in the Block Party hospitality tent?

AS: I will be waiting in line for free beer and alcohol. If there is a hummus plate, I will probably destroy that too.

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What's your favorite setting on the Bluetooth Truckasauras Dildo?

AS: Italian. I like to sing Sugarhill Gang songs into it on the Italian setting. recommended

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