GOBBLE GOBBLE! Happy Thanksgiving, TTS readers! I'm still exhausted from The Stranger's Arena of Brains blowout at the Croc Thurs Nov 18, which raised almost $500 for the Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project (offering a little "quality of life" for King County's 60,000 stray and wild kitty-cats)! --- Naturally, witchy music maven Kathleen Wilson (scratch her eyes out) screeched at yours truly, "Bug off, Szyzmyjec! We're at the Crocodile, so any gossip is MINE!" Well, screw her! Here's what happened: Besides sexy hunka-hunka Sir Mix-A-Lot, Fastback Kim Warnick, Prezzy Jason Finn, and the beloved Tad, we were graced with Q13 Qtie Ron Corning--a prince!--who did a live shot with Mix on Q13 Reports at 10! But the biggest surprise was famous actor Tim Roth (now appearing in The Legend of 1900). Tim--who was poundin' Beck's with a lovely miss and lookin' remarkably shrimpy and a tad greasy--wowed the crowd. Backstage, however, he jabbered at Greg, guitarist for the Cripples, about his rich-boy stable of guitars. Seems Tim has, like, five "axes," and just HAD to tell Greg about the particulars of each. Then during Wm. Steven Humphrey's closing number, "R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.," Tim kept yelling at Greg--who owns ONE precious guitar--"Smash it! Do it! Smash your guitar!" Hey movie star, have another beer!

* * *

THIS LI'L PIGGY WENT TO MARKET: Thurs 11/18, Schipacci spotted Piggy from MTV's Road Rules in the Queen Anne Safeway, buying Marlboro Lights and a sampler of herbal tea. She was with an MTV goon, who wasn't above asking Schip some probing marketing questions ("So, d'ya like our show, dude?"). Schipacci notes that Piggy acted "very spazzy"--and, of course, she has a tacky Road Rules sticker on her day planner!

* * *



Kudos to the Rooster for pointing out the misdeeds of Evening Magazine host John Curley--he's a baaaaad boy!!

* * *

MMM! I'M HUNGRY! This Sun Nov 28, 10 am, chow down at the Crusty Pancake Breakfast at the Elysian (13th & Pine), an all-ages benefit for Peace from the Streets by Kids from the Streets (a Seattle agency helping homeless youth). After breakfast, get "done up" by Vain's guerrilla hairdressers, then hang around for some tuneage courtesy of Blööd Hag and the Valentine Killers! The perfect end to a perfect holiday!

Now... let the shopping begin!