VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA: A word Susan Powter was never shy about shouting loud 'n' proud on her radio talk show--so it's no surprise she was in the audience of The Vagina Monologues over at UW Thurs 2/18! I hear she showed up early, looking butch and beautiful: "J Crew meets the army, very stylin'!" Susan, who usually can't shut up, sat by herself in the back row, and was very quiet (who knew?) but approached the cast after the show with warm congratulations. I'm told, "She seemed to generate an aura of thoughtful kindness"--but that didn't stop her from complaining about the vending machines downstairs, saying, "They should really have something nutritious in here, juice or something!" Hey Suze--if you want institutional health food, go to a hospital! (Hyuck hyuck!)

BROADWAY BOUND? Illustrious New York playwrights Craig Lucas (Prelude to a Kiss)and Tony Kushner (Mr. Angels in America himself!) were spotted taking in Dina Martina's show Sat 2/20 at Re-bar. (Mr. Kushner even picked up Dina's brand new picture disc!) Well, since Dina insists on staying here in Seattle, it appears the Big Apple is coming to her! · · · Reached for comment, a flattered Miss Martina said, "I'm sorry, but I don't know who Mr. Kushner is. However, if Mr. Lucas would like to chat about a starring role in the next installment of his Star Wars trilogy, that would was wonderful!"

LUCK BE A LADY TONIGHT! Sat 2/20 Q 13 newscaster Leslie Miller did a stint as guest-caller at Gay Bingo! The glam Ms. Miller--described as "one kick-ass lady"--revealed that she does her own make-up for her broadcasts! When a female fan asked for a kiss, Les happily complied (though I hear it was a bit on the "dry" side).

OH-HO SAY CAN YOU SEEEEEEEEEE... so can you guess which local patriot sang our beloved national anthem at the Sonics/Jazz game last Tues 2/16? Appropriately, it was Mr. "Flagpole Sitta'" himself, Harvey Danger's Sean Nelson--solo, sans band, no less! "The Star-Spangled Banner" may be every singer's worst nightmare, but Nellie made it through without a single clinker! Sean, please don't be paranoid... I mean it when I say: Sir, we salute you! Vince Neil only wishes he had your lungs!

NURSING HOME, SWEET NURSING HOME: Naturally, members of Mötley CrÜe drag a cart full of hair-teasing mousses, gelÉes, aerosols, and hair appliances with them wherever they go. This is not newsworthy. However, a sneaky someone "behind the scenes" at their recent show at the Ballard Fireho--I mean the Paramount, noticed that alongside their beauty supplies were a couple of (gasp!) "old-man oxygen tanks and masks." Hmm! Add to this the observation that long- in-the-tooth "badboy" Vince Neil did mostly "call-and-response" songs--he'd sing one line and "catch his breath" while the crowd answered back--and one might imagine that at 38-going-on-60, Vinnie should change his name to "Wheezy"!

THOSE SCREWDRIVERS, HAMMERS, and pry-bars aren't the latest in fetishwear... that's just the staff of the Vogue, prettying up their new digs! After years in Belltown, the Vogue is cutting out of Condo City and setting up shop in a less stuffy neighborhood--OUR neighborhood! They're renovating the old Safari (before that, the Encore), on 11th in the thriving Pike-Pine corridor, and hope to be open for April Fools' Day. (BTW, if any other priced-out or torn-down Belltown businesses are interested, the space next-door is available. In the world of clubs, Cap Hill looks like it's in line to become the "Bizarro World" Pioneer Square!) Welcome, freaks!

SPEAKING OF FREAKS, I hear that a couple weeks back, Microsoft honcho Michael Kinsley spent his weekend in the mountains... building an igloo! Now that's just plain cold!

...and the hooome of the BRAAAAAVE!