I wish I never met you, you psychotic, drugged-up, white-trash asshole. I want to rip off your mohawk and nose piercing to shove them up your ass. I fed and housed your sorry ass for two months and all you did was bitch, lie, and pretend to be a friend. It's not my fault you put your backpack under the car like the homeless idiot you claim to be. Then you, you irresponsible fucker, accuse me of stealing your bag of shit when I clearly told you I drove away with it underneath the car. So what if you found your cell phone near where I live--you work near me. You're just pissed that you can't get to your meth or that wannabe Smith & Wesson 9mm. In fact, you're just a fake poser telling lies to get pity so that innocent people like me would take you in to show compassion. My only regret is that I can't make your life more miserable. Oh, and you can keep the $20, so you can pay someone to hug you when everyone finds out that you're full of shit, just like your backpack.