Remember the all-ages dance we held at city hall a few weeks ago? We were protesting Peter Steinbrueck's refusal to do what he said he was going to do--pass the All Ages Dance Ordinance (AADO)--and he apparently didn't get the message. The awful Teen Dance Ordinance (TDO) still stands. And what's more, in response to a lawsuit JAMPAC filed, a local judge ruled that the TDO was constitutional! The ruling doesn't require the city to keep the TDO on the books, but the judge said the city could keep it on the books. Unfortunately, this ruling gave the evil pro-TDO forces momentum (good work, JAMPAC!), and things are looking pretty bleak for the AADO.

Speaking of evil, City Council Member Margaret Pageler is going to host a forum. This forum is for those in support of the TDO--yes, in support of the TDO. Get a load of Pageler's press release: "The night club and for-profit music industry is pushing an All-Ages Dance Ordinance that will expose teens to new levels of exploitation in clubs."

What's worse, Pageler is only inviting cops, "safety coalition members," religious leaders (!), and others to her forum--i.e., only people who will speak out in favor of keeping the TDO on the books. No one who is actually involved in the all-ages scene has been asked to attend. No bands, kids, bookers, promoters, club owners--no one who actually knows the scene will be allowed to speak at Pageler's "forum."

But we can still show up--and even if we're not invited to speak, we can still make our voices heard.

So everyone in support of losing the TDO, everyone who wants to see the all-ages scene become as successful as possible, needs to come to the Miller Community Center on Monday, May 13, at 6:30 pm. The all-ages scene may seem fine to you right now, but imagine how much better it could be with more legit all-ages clubs. Right now, the only permanent all-ages venue in town is the Paradox. And as great as that is, we need more.

This isn't a dress rehearsal, this is the real deal. Show up and be heard. Bring your friends and bring your dancing shoes, because with all the local musicians who are sure to show up (and maybe even bring a guitar or two), you never know--another dance might break out. MEGAN SELING

If you want more info, or if you want to go out fliering this weekend to get people to come to the meeting, just send me an e-mail at