So Oxborough and Wollman teamed up with UrbanXchange—"the one hip thrift store in Tacoma," according to Oxborough, and a sponsor of their art walk—to create all-ages venue the Den, located in the back of the thrift shop.

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"[UrbanXchange owner Julie Bennett] used art walk as a test for us," says Oxborough. "Once she saw [Portland dance rockers] Starfucker playing in a living room to 200 people, we had her trust." The Den will be booked and coordinated by Oxborough, Wollman, and volunteers. It will host a tea bar and a wall dedicated to rotating art shows, and most importantly, it will be a place for people of all ages to contribute to Tacoma's growing scene. The venue had its debut show last weekend with Mount Eerie and Calvin Johnson, and it's booked up through March with great shows, including PWRFL Power (who performs at the Den this Saturday, February 14), Explode into Colors, Adrian Orange, and many more. It's exciting news for Tacoma's all-ages scene and a good reason to make the trip down there in the weeks to come. recommended

All-Ages Calendar

Fri Feb 13: Silhouettes, Traitor, World History, Tiny Mercury at Temple of the Dead Sunflower, 8 pm, donation.

Support The Stranger

Sat Feb 14: PWRFL Power, Sugar Beats, the Pact, the Drug Purse at the Den, 8 pm, $6.

Sat Feb 14: Kids and Animals at C & P Coffee Company, 6 pm, $5 suggested donation.

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