Jon Bergman


If I had to pin down a single concert that featured the most unabashedly goofy dancing (including my own ridiculous attempts), it would be Los Campesinos! in Seattle for their first American tour. Behind the raucous, twee-inspired songs of their debut, Hold On Now, Youngster, the members of LC! delivered pure adolescent euphoria to an entire floor of pogoers. The only thing wrong with that night? It happened in 2008, and then the band proceeded to release two albums' worth of misery and morbidity (they sang about that before, but on the subsequent releases We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed and Romance Is Boring it didn't sound like any fun). That's all changed with the latest, Hello Sadness, and its lead single, "By Your Hand" (it's got hand claps! And a chorus that's meant to be sung to you, not shouted at you!), which gives me hope that the Cardiff seven-piece will inspire some exuberant moves. Neptune Theatre, 9 pm, $16 adv/$18 DOS.

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Tonight brings a host of dreamy acts to the Vera Project, but thankfully all three bands on the bill make music that's got a pulse. I'd pegged Twin Sister to be just another hazy Casio keyboard outfit with their first EP, Color Your Life, but last year's In Heaven saw the band take a page from post-disco NYC forebears ESG, leading to propulsive and sultry results. Ava Luna sport a nerved neo-soul singer in the mold of LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy, coupled with a gaggle of Spectoresque girl-group accompaniments that would be criminal not to boogie down with. Wistful Seattle duo Lemolo open the night with their slow-burning, occasionally soaring daydream melodies. Sleeping on this oneiric concert is not recommended. Vera Project, 7:30 pm, $11 ($10 with club card).