If there's a single word to describe Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All in 2012, it would be "emboldened." On Tyler, the Creator's final verse for "Oldie," the closing track to this year's The OF Tape Vol. 2, he takes aim at the backlash his collective has received (that their only talent is being controversial) by proclaiming: "Instead of critiquing and bitchin'/Bein' mad as fuck/Just admit not only are we talented/We're rad as fuck, bitches." Odd Future shows are like a battle royal between their members, and while there's no telling if estimable names like Frank Ocean, the Internet, or Earl Sweatshirt will appear tonight, whoever takes the stage will do their best to convince you that they're here to stay, whether the rest of the world likes it or not. Showbox Sodo, 8 pm, $30 adv/$35 DOS.

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I'll be the first to admit that I've become increasingly prejudiced against young, chill, beach-inspired bands that sound like they're trying to record Pet Sounds in a tin can. So I was all but too ready to dismiss Yuni in Taxco's psych-pop flourishes, but their songs frequently venture into weirder, more experimental territories. Guitar lines recoil and spring into action spasmodically, while their lyrics sound like a young David Byrne's brand of social realism, which is pretty much the biggest compliment I could give a band today. Special Explosion can be viewed as the latest studworthy band in a long lineage of Northwest melodic pop-rock, akin to Throw Me the Statue or early Built to Spill, because of the things they do so well. They've got bubbly hooks in spades and vocal paeans to the youthful act of falling in (and out of) love for the first time. Meanwhile, opener Shogun Barbi have something to hide; the two songs I was able to track down sound as if they're emanating from a distant smoky room. But there's no mistaking their ramshackle but tightly wound instrumentation and a female singer whose booming voice is probably best experienced in a bar at four o'clock in the afternoon. The Rat and Raven, 4 pm, $5.