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As YellowFever, the Austin-based minimalist pop duo (guitarist/organ player Jennifer Moore and drummer Adam Jones) ascended to blogosphere stardom with a compilation of their early (2006–2010) singles and EPs on Wild World, the label run by Brooklyn noise-pop contemporaries Vivian Girls. Faced with the threat of a lawsuit over their name last November, they have since recharged their fever under a new moniker, Deep Time, releasing a self-titled LP July 10 on Hardly Art.

Deep time is the concept that geological time is vast, far beyond the scope of the individual. "We like songs with empty spaces," vocalist Moore has said. On her NPR Monitor Mix blog, Carrie Brownstein described the band's early sound as "haunted-house surf music" (she later offered them an opening slot for her band Wild Flag), and while that's a good start, there's even more going on post-Fever. Skeletal rhythms are nestled beneath '60s pop hooks, rinsed with Stereolab circa 1992. Simple baroque melodies become juvenile fanfares of spooky elegance. Moore's throaty vocals bounce along no-wave-inspired dance beats and off-kilter guitar, as BBC radio legend John Peel rides a mutant-disco merry-go-round somewhere along the way.

On Deep Time's first single, "Clouds," Moore sings, "You got bigger while I was away," and she may as well be talking about her own band. Indie-rock titan Ian Svenonius (Nation of Ulysses), who penned their bio, gives us an idea of what (not) to expect live: "[Deep Time is] easy to miss in the modern rock carnival because they don't wear Kabuki makeup or pour PBR on their head[s]." You can also catch them at Hollow Earth Radio (Mon July 16 at 8 pm) with Bouquet, a new project featuring members of the Finches and iji, and the self-declared "ecological metal grungegaze" of new Seattle band Hags. Cairo, 8 pm.


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