R.I.P. Junkyard. Yeah, already. Last week I wrote about the new Tacoma venue and the stellar shows they had booked for the weekend, and I told everyone to go. Unfortunately, before Friday's show, the fire marshal came knockin' on the Junkyard's door and shut the place down after only about two weeks of being open. Rumors on the internet say it's because they didn't have bathrooms and they had an insufficient number of exits. That's a bummer.

Since then, kids have been calling for a revolution, offering to help fix up the venue or open it at a new, more up-to-code location, but no one from the venue could be reached before press time, so I have no confirmation on whether the club's founders have concrete plans for the Junkyard's future. I'll do my best to follow up, though—log on to Line Out (www.thestranger.com/lineout) for developments.

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In less stupid news, Redmond's Old Fire House is currently accepting entries for their first ever Classic Rock-a-Thon. Between now and March 19, bands that have at least two members who are between the ages of 14–21 can submit a sample demo (15 minutes or less) to compete for prizes including 15 hours of studio time at the Old Fire House's studio, vintage instruments and gear, gift cards from Guitar Center, and an opening slot on a classic-rock show at a local Seattle venue (details TBA). From the pool of entries, eight bands will be chosen to compete in the semifinals, and that's where the classic-rock aspect comes into play: They'll all have to flaunt their classic chops by covering songs that were written and recorded between 1950–1990. Nirvana are out, but the Who are in. It's a Classic Rock-a-Thon, duh! Judges will score their vintage-inspired performances, and the three best bands will move on to the finals in April and perform yet again for another panel of judges, where a winner will be declared. Complete official rules and entry applications are posted online at www.theoldfirehouse.org/rockathon.htm.

And for those keeping track, your February 23–25 weekend is spoken for—the Vera Project has announced their opening-weekend lineup. First, a ribbon-cutting ceremony will officially open the venue on Tuesday, February 20. Then on Friday, February 23, there will be a hiphop showcase with Common Market, Grayskul, and Youth Movement Records. Saturday, February 24, has a show starring These Arms Are Snakes, and Sunday, February 25, features performances by Mt. Eerie, Holy Ghost Revival, and Tiny Vipers. The best part: Every show is free!