If Shellac were eaten by Chicago noise-rock band Cows or some of their Amphetamine Reptile Records brethren, and then if that disgusting meal were regurgitated and eaten again by some driving post-rock group like Drive Like Jehu, the result might be something like Minneapolis-based three-piece Animal Lover. That might be the grossest thing I've ever written, but the trio's noise sludge, slowed-down Melvins-style circa Joe, is totally addictive. Joining them are Special Explosion, the Eastside's most polished teen band, with big, crunchy power-pop chords and anthemic '90s indie-rock choruses. Think Weezer in their "Buddy Holly" glory days with the rhythmic complexity of Deerhoof (who they opened for at Neumos in February). The largely unheralded local tour de grit-rock Police Teeth say they are headlining "so you can leave early," but this is a sorry joke! You will want to stay for their loud rock riffs, and you might also want to hold on to your stomach. Black Lodge, 9:30 pm.


Another option Saturday night is this fine exhibition of Seattle's newish ambient wave at the recently reopened Ground Zero Teen Center, which I mentioned back in May was moving from its historic downtown Bellevue location to the more suburban Lake Hills neighborhood. You can take or leave their name and website full of psycho-damaged pop-culture images (when did Laura Palmer become the goth poster child?), but what I like about Young Occult Fiction is best put by remix-culture guru DJ Spooky: "[The] archive is part of [the] palette." The songs pay nü-dubstep homage to artists like James Blake and Mount Kimbie but are layered with nostalgia blasts of super-cheezy sax and mist-ridden '80s samples. YOF is one Redmond-bred Jacob Matthews, and he draws from his forebears but creates something new and ethereal. Rounding out the entirely local bill is minimal electronic solo artist Legato Bebop, oodles of witch haus from Uda Ox, and spiky funk punk from Alex's Hand. Ground Zero, 7 pm, $6 ($5 with a can of food).

Also recommended:

Sat Sept 22: Hana and the Goose, Younger Shoulder, and Owl Pussycat at the Josephine, 9 pm.