If there's anything that makes me want to cut my face off piece by piece with a plastic fork, it's message-board drama. What a dumb concept, arguing over an Internet message board. It's silly. But sometimes, it's unavoidable. Not unavoidable to take part in (because that's always avoidable, despite what some asses from the KitsapBands.com board might say), but unavoidable to avoid witnessing. Ya dig?

See, sometimes while I'm at work I hear about an upcoming show that I'd love to attend, so I have to find out more. For example, when Against Me! came to town a couple months ago, there was talk of an all-ages house show happening in Tacoma. I, being a fan, wanted to go. And I did. And I had a fantastic time. I found out where and when the show was thanks to NWhardcore.com.

Run by Jamund Ferguson, NWhardcore.com is an impressive website dedicated to the local hardcore music scene. Besides the up-to-date and detailed show calendar (which is a GREAT source for local house show info), there are also band bios (which local bands can post and update themselves), links, a store, and, of course, a message board (which isn't all drama, unlike other sites).

Jamund, a sweet-as-pie 20-year-old UW senior, runs the site and board and pays for the costs out of his own pocket.

"I've had a little help with graphics here and there, but I'm the only one keeping the site running," said Jamund. "For the first couple of years [the page has been up for over three years] my employer covered the hosting, but for the past few months I've had to pay for it out of pocket. That is why I'm doing this show."

Oh! The show! I forgot to mention the show, the very reason I'm writing about this whole thing. The show is NWHardcore Fest '03, a benefit featuring the Physical Challenge, To See You Broken, the November Group, Blue Monday, and By a Thread. (It all happens Saturday, July 5, at Studio Seven.)

"Not only will the show allow me to keep the site going and give me the chance to do even more with it, it will give a lot of kids the opportunity to hear some great bands they may not have heard before," said Jamund. "The bands on this bill are some of the best bands around right now. I want kids to see why I'm so stoked on this scene."

Even though it's a seemingly thankless job (though every so often someone will make a "Jamund appreciation post"), Jamund is happy to help out when and where he can.

"The scene in Seattle is only getting better," he said. "All the work we do is adding up to this amazing thing."

But please, no more drama on the message board. That's more annoying than helpful. MEGAN SELING


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