Sarah Cass

If you were one of the lucky kids who saw Abe Vigoda, L.A.'s finest punk band (sorry, No Age), the past couple of times they toured through town, then you're probably already seriously amped about their two Seattle shows this weekend. The band drench the walls with sweat at every show, whether it be at a stuffed-to-the-gills warehouse space or at Neumos opening for hiphop DJ/producer Diplo. The band literally beat their instruments to make their mercurial walls of adrenaline-raising punk-rock sound, which shift from gloomy to sheer bliss on a dime. Unfortunately, if you're under 21, you can't see the band twice this time around. Their show on Thursday, April 30, opening for Vivian Girls at Neumos was recently made 21+. It's the second time that Vivian Girls have come to town playing 21+ shows, and it's too bad, because a lot of kids would probably love to see the all-girl, lo-fi rockers perform their heavenly punk-pop jams.

But Neumos' loss is the Eastside's gain, as Abe Vigoda will play an all-ages show at Redmond's Old Fire House the next night, in what will be the teen center's biggest show in ages. Abe Vigoda made a name for themselves with last summer's critically acclaimed jungle romp of a debut, Skeleton; the term "tropical punk" has been beaten into the ground to describe Abe Vigoda's pounding drums and tin-can/steel-drum guitar sound. The band released another strong EP, Reviver, this past February, and they're embarking on a European tour this May, so Friday might be your last chance to catch the band in an intimate venue before, like one of their own explosive songs, they blow up. recommended

All-Ages Calendar

Thurs April 30: Rvivr, Slingshot Dakota, A Million Years Ago, Agatha at Monsterssori House, 7 pm, $3–$5.

Fri May 1: Abe Vigoda, Last Slice of Butter, Seahouse, Masters and Johnson at the Old Fire House, 8 pm, $6.

Support The Stranger

Fri May 1: Curbside Avengers, KEG, Church for Sinners at KTUB, 7:30 pm, $6.

Sat May 2: From Aphony, Again and Again, Dressed to Kill, To the Wind at KTUB, 7:30 pm, $7.

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