Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk are a Lawrence, Kansas, band that make noisy, spacey rock 'n' roll that rides a fine line between shoegaze ambience and all-out chaos. For every one of their bleak, cave-echo noise sessions, they've got a sludgy, druggy pop number reminiscent of a less-goth Chameleons UK. Acoustic guitars are countered by thick and nasty electrics, horrific sounds clatter about the music's fringes, but the band always manage to mine beauty out of the messiness. The quartet's range is their finest asset and should make for an unpredictable show this Friday, May 22, at Healthy Times Fun Club.

Openers Herr Jazz, a local trio of young, restless kids, have lately been instigating some wild crowd participation at live shows with their loose, fuzzed-out basement punk. Setting aside the fact that these dudes are all still in high school, it's been inspiring to watch the band grow into a punk-rock force to be reckoned with in just the short span of time they've been playing together.

Also playing will be Olympia's Desolation Wilderness. I haven't heard too much about their live shows, but if last year's White Light Strobing and their forthcoming New Universe (both out on K Records) are any indicators, then these guys are going to blow some minds with their foggy brand of dream pop. Reverb-washed surf guitars, slow trotting rhythms, and the hazy, dazed voice of singer Nicolaas Zwart make for somber songs that sound like a damp morning walk on the Oregon Coast. Between these three bands, expect a show that goes from gentle to abrasive and back enough that your earplugs may need to make several trips in and out of your ear canals. recommended

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Fri May 22: Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Herr Jazz, Desolation Wilderness at Healthy Times Fun Club, 8 pm, donations.

Sat–Mon May 23–25: Sasquatch! Music Festival.

Sat May 23: Yukai No Uta Trio at Full Tilt Ice Cream, 8 pm, free.

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Mon May 25: Big Business, Tweak Bird, Pontiak at Neumos, 8 pm, $13.

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