I've already discussed my indecisive nature in this column, so I won't bore you with the details of that problem once again--but I hafta tell ya, this is the worst of all weeks for fickle folks like myself, because there are so many good shows to catch.

On Thursday, September 25, I could grab a bus downtown and join the dance party when United State of Electronica invade the Vera Project with the Party of Helicopters. I haven't seen USE since their appearance at the Capitol Hill Block Party this summer, and they absolutely blew my mind! The entire crowd was bouncing along with their smile-inducing electro-pop, and the band even brings along its own dancers! Tonight's show is sure to be a spectacle, if nothing else.

But then, of course, if I go to the Vera Project, I'll miss my chance to take a mini road-trip down to Tacoma to catch two of my favorite local bands, Kane Hodder and Pretty Girls Make Graves, at Hell's Kitchen. Granted, I've seen both bands numerous times, but I haven't seen Pretty Girls since the release of The New Romance. I'm so excited about that record, as the new material is even sexier while still retaining the Pretty Girls sound that I love. And I hear that Kane Hodder have been showcasing some new songs during their sets, too... I definitely don't want to miss that! What's a girl to do?

As if that isn't enough stress for one week, there are four great shows to choose from on Friday night. Well, okay, actually three, because luckily the Black Eyes/Q and Not U show at Graceland starts early, at 6pm, leaving enough time afterward to hustle your muscle to whatever other show you decide on. (But whatever you do, do not miss D.C.'s Black Eyes. After seeing them last spring at CoCA, I'm insisting to everyone I know that their spazzy two-drum setup is worth experiencing live at least once in a lifetime. They're insane and amazing.)

Also on Friday, Dolour will display their charming pop perfection at Studio Seven--and the great part is, since it's Dolour frontman Shane Tutmarc's birthday the night before, they're turning the show into a big blowout for him. Who doesn't like a good birthday party? Or you could catch one of the best local hardcore bands (in my opinion), Champion, over at Redmond's Old Fire House. They're playing with In Control, Riddled with Guilt, and Larraine. Decisions, decisions.

Wait, I said there were three late shows to pick from on Friday... I'm forgetting one... oh, of course! Ambitious Career Woman are playing at Ground Zero. How could I forget the official Cutest Band in Seattle (who just so happen to play some pretty great rock-meets-hardcore-meets-noise goodness)?

It's gonna be a long weekend. MEGAN SELING


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