Guess what, suckers (and of course I mean that in the most endearing way)! Right now, as I type these words, I'm listening to the brand new Blue Sky Mile record that won't be released until December. Do you have a copy? No. You don't. (Well, maybe you do, but the guy sitting next to you surely doesn't.) Why am I bragging (besides the fact that I can sometimes be kind of a jerk)? Because I'm a blabbermouth and whenever I get really excited about something, I have to tell everyone about it (as I'm sure my friends could attest), even if it is jumping the gun by two and a half months.

So anyway, back to Blue Sky Mile. It's been a busy year for the BSM camp. Earlier this summer the local boys were signed to Initial Records (home of Roy, Harkonen, and Ultimate Fakebook), they did a national tour (including an appearance at Initial Records' annual Krazy Fest event), and they found time to write and record this sonic gem I've grown to really like (titled Sands Once Seas).

Granted, you won't be able to get a hard copy of the record in your hands until winter, and maybe it is a little mean for me to start spazzing out on it so soon, but if your ears are craving a taste of the new BSM material, or if you've yet to get clued in on one of Seattle's best up-and-coming bands, get yourself to Ground Zero on Friday, October 10.

Just as any BSM fan would appreciate, the new stuff still mixes a surging, turbulent sound with a more melodic indie-rock feel. All your favorite sing-along parts are there, while the band has also begun to experiment with other techniques, like little "techno" breakdowns and spoken fragments. I'm still discovering things about the new record each time I hear it, but for right now, the verdict is: so good.

SlamDaddy are playing with BSM, and I have to be honest: The main reason I know about this young band ("young" like "still teenagers") is because the guitarist, James Sutter, is an intern here at The Stranger. Now I have ethics, dude, and if it weren't good, I'd say so, but slamDaddy's frenzy of heavy punk rock is good. (Really, I'm not just saying that to avoid awkward moments in the hallway.) The show starts at 8 pm, and I recommend you get there on time so you don't miss anything. MEGAN SELING

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