This is how you throw a party. Rainy Dawg Radio is celebrating its 10th birthday with a blowout. Seven mostly local acts will descend upon the Sylvan Grove Theater, a secluded outdoor spot on the University of Washington campus, and take part in a one-day musical journey that reflects the student-run online station's diversity of programming.

Where to begin? If you still haven't checked out rockers Pony Time or Naomi Punk, you're seriously neglecting your ears. Pony Time's two-person assault is a friendly battering of fuzzed-out garage-rock thrills, and Naomi Punk gouge deep holes into your brain with their warped sludge-rock. You'll also find two worthwhile electronic musicians. The most energetic dancing of the day might come during Futurewife's set: I can already see limbs flailing on the lawn, while the house producer's jams sizzle, slink, and clank into oblivion. Portland-based Natasha Kmeto sings about all the good and bad kinds of loving, melding spacey and lustrous beats with her splintering, soulful voice.

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Seattle's verdant hiphop field is represented here as well. Expectations are high for Jarv Dee, whose relentless, unbridled flow results in some unmatched paeans to getting fucked up. Key Nyata might be the most angst-ridden member of the diabolical Raider Klan rap collective, but for good reason: How can the dude play at Coachella this year and deal with the comparative tedium of still being in high school (although the senior only has a few weeks left)? I'll be eager to see his hazy, tripped-out phonk in person. Keyboard Kid is on another level in 2013, fusing his own blue-and-green Northwest #based style. With this year's #TREEGOD and Based in the Rain 3, the prolific producer for Lil B has achieved rare transcendence, pulling disparate and distorted samples into a vision that's truly his own.

So whether you buy into all that liberal-arts ish about exposing yourself to different modes of thought and becoming a well-rounded person, or you just want to take in some cool, free music, this evening will be a festive education deserving of your time. Sylvan Grove Theater, UW Campus, 5–10 pm, free.