Local music curator What's Up Seattle has conjured another bill with some of the city's best up-and-coming punk, garage, and indie rock bands for Halloween. All acts will be playing covers of songs from the last 50 years, and there will even be a costume contest for maximum festive vibes. If the rest of garage punks Ubu Roi's upcoming Nice Dude EP is anything like the first single, "Cheezburger" ("I don't wanna eat no cheeseburger French fry/I just wanna drink some alcohol"), expect an even more booze-fueled, hormonal punk frenzy from them ahead. A '70s punk cover would be appropriate, but who knows? Not even time's the limit (well, sorta). The lineup also includes Dude York, So Pitted, Neighbors, Wasted USA, Ravenna Woods, Grenades, Witch Hammer, Smiling, Bath House, and mystery acts to be announced. Ghouly, baby. Black Lodge, 8 pm.

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Vancouver, BC's new dreamy goth-rock act Underpass will play their first show ever at a kickoff for a full West Coast tour. In a recent interview published in Vancouver zine Dunk, duo Alexander Miranda and Celina Kurz—who started collaborating due to "a shared interest in Psychic TV and New Order"—revealed they had never played a show together before booking the tour. Their just-released debut EP, About Violence, is playfully morose, lo-fi post-punk full of spacey, Robert Smith–kissed guitar bleakness and an aura of psychotropic graveyard romance. Laced over divinely eerie female vocals, Victorian-collared guitar riffs dangle pensively with sincerest brood-a-tude. Underpass descend upon Hollow Earth Radio tonight with their cavernous goth rock, and the night stays spooky with the Witches Titties, a newish local queer post-punk coven/band. These drag punk cabaret "Witches" are a high-energy spooktacle, backed with frenetic synths and "occult loincloths." If you need a boost in cheer at this point, iji's Zach Burba is one of DIY pop's hometown heroes, and his shows never cease to be endlessly huggable. Prepare to smile and likely dance as if compelled by a force beyond your control. Hollow Earth Radio, 9 pm, $5.