Well, 2013, you may have recently left us, but you still have so many musical regrets to answer for. Let's start with the freshest wounds first.

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I regret a rough night of karaoke at Bush Garden on November 1, where I was not emotionally prepared to sing the Rock 'n' Roll Animal version of "Sweet Jane" five days after Lou Reed's death. (But to the waitress who hugged me afterward, thank you.)

I regret changing my Amazon account's mailing address to a random street in England in order to download Morrissey's Autobiography to my Kindle before its American release. I still love Moz, and his book was totally bonkers (in a good way), but I wouldn't mind if amazon.co.uk stopped sending me increasingly stern e-mails demanding further proof of my English residency. (Jeff Bezos, if you're reading this, do think you can help me out? The Kindle was a graduation present, and I'd like to use it again one day!)

I regret eating at a Subway in the month of September and finally hearing "Blurred Lines" all the way through. I had high hopes for avoiding that song forever.

I regret the following concert behavior: eating Swedish Fish out of a loud, crinkly bag when the Hive Dwellers played at 20/20 Cycle, drinking too many free VISO energy drinks at the Rainy Dawg Radio 10th anniversary show, and only seeing Chastity Belt six times this year.

I regret the existence of every televised musical award show this year.

I regret spending way too much time watching the kindest, most patient old man teach a young dude next to him how to use a roach clip during the beginning of Charles Bradley's Bumbershoot performance. Once I started paying attention to the music onstage, the Screaming Eagle of Soul had me in tears.

I regret missing Paul McCartney at Safeco Field for no good reason, and being on airplanes when I could've seen the Blow or Kanye West play in Seattle.

I regret that I still don't know how to stop those annoying comments from popping up on every second of every song on SoundCloud.

I'll have future regrets if you don't see two gothic post-punk bands out of San Francisco, MANE and Warm White, play with local bluesy wraith-rockers Thee Samedi at Heartland on January 2. recommended