If you're looking for a less-traditional way to spend your weekend, take a pilgrimage of weird to Wallingford's Chapel Performance Space for the longest-running improvised music festival in the country. Seattle Improvised Music Festival is in its gazillionth (okay, 29th) year; this edition's lineup features four international artists as well as an impressive host of local improvisers. Oakland clarinetist/electronics tinkerer Matt Ingalls, minimalist Autoharp/electronics duo Bonnie Jones and Andrea Neumann, and guitarist/composer Joe Morris are visiting artists inspiring total fear in squares. Local artists include Gust Burns on piano/turntable/dubplate (?!), as well as freaky sax-musings from Paul Hoskin, weirdo clarinet from Beth Fleenor, several percussionists and guitarists, all sorts of clarinets and saxophones, field recordings, and who knows what else. If the weekly improv night Racer Sessions is your jam, or you just like to experience new things from time to time, it would behoove you to attend this event. For a complete festival lineup of the unconventional and unsung, visit Chapel Performance Space, 8 pm, $10–$25 sliding scale.


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Two of Seattle's best instrumental-rock bands will be amplifying moods and stretching minds tonight at Heartland. Olympia transplants Chung Antique have quietly developed their meticulously performed, densely interwoven post-rock textures since forming in 2009 at Evergreen State College. Relocating to Seattle in 2011, the three-piece has crafted something wholly expansive—certainly loud, but also complex and orchestral, appealing to fans of post rock, math rock, and post hardcore. Tonight is the release show for Sweater Weather, the new LP on 20 Sided Records, which culminates their bouncy, cyclical structures and sweeping emotionalism into its most polished and realized form yet. Local trio Heavy Petting also have a stake in the city's surprisingly bustling "mathy" sub-scene with their grandiose post rock, which comes across statelier than royalty, with riffs unwinding like red carpets into oblivion. Their I-V cassette, with its guitar whorls of unsuppressed grandeur, was one of last year's best local releases. Mysterious, glam-inflected "power metal" act Audrey Horne open the night. Heartland, 8 pm. recommended