After covering Seattle's all-ages music scene for the past 16 months, it's time for me to step down. This post has been an honor and a growth experience. I've interviewed people I admire, written about young bands I love, and had the opportunity to share important news, good and bad, about Seattle's all-ages community.

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It's been rewarding and exciting to watch young bands grow and improve, and to document their growing pains in this column. Underage has always striven to shed light on new talent, but more importantly, my hope is that it's shown how everything in this city's music scene is connected, how our all-ages spaces are launch pads for the city's next breakthrough bands.

Megan Seling will be returning to this space starting next week, and it's good to know it will be in the hands of someone every bit as optimistic and enthusiastic about all-ages music in Seattle as I have ever been. There are a lot of magical things happening in this city, and the more people who get involved and stoked about them the better. Thanks to anyone who has ever read or cared about this column. It's has been an honor and a privilege that I will never forget.


Thurs July 23: Maladie, Bokanovsky, Brainwashed! at Fusion Cafe, 7 pm, $5.

Fri July 24: Rabbits, Gone to Croatoan, Hellgrammite, Throne of Bone at Josephine, 8 pm.

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Sat July 25: Goly Grim, Superbad at the Morgue, 8 pm, $6 ($5 w/ can of food).

Sat July 25: Explode into Colors, Gun Outfit, Broken English, ASSS, Brain Fruit at Black Lodge, 9 pm, donations.