The Casket Girls often sound like they could be singing in their sleep. Sisters Elsa and Phaedra Greene use their voices to hypnotically intone and assault the "unrequited reality" to which they hate waking up every day. While their lyrics aren't outwardly surreal, they describe a kind of elemental yet free-form journey from the known to the unknown, with imagery grounded in the natural world. Elsa and Phaedra's tales from the rabbit hole also read like scenes from a breakup: My favorite song from their new album, True Love Kills the Fairy Tale, contains a chorus of "Holding my breath, I can breathe underwater/Closing my eyes, I can see in the dark/Isn't it strange when you walk away easy?/Ashes and embers, ashes and embers." On another song, the sisters sing, "There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded heart" and a certain level of anguish seems to be a prerequisite for their escape from the real world. Providing the music here is Ryan Graveface, the guitar player from Black Moth Super Rainbow and founder of Graveface Records. His preferred instrument for the Casket Girls is two Casio MT-52 keyboards tied together, which he uses to create cascading and textural atmospherics that recall Disintegration-era Cure, albeit more sun-kissed and awash in absinthe.

At the Graveface Roadshow, you'll have a chance to see some other bands on the label roster perform tonight. Dreamend is Ryan Graveface's solo project that showcases his genre-spanning guitar prowess; he is comfortable tackling experimental post-rock and jaunty, banjo-infused bluegrass, sometimes on the same song. With Graveface's muffled voice and lyrical allusions to psyches unraveling, the songs have a splintered, raw, and excitable feel. The Stargazer Lilies make cosmic and ambient shoegaze music. Their songs are dense and blissful, with breathy vocals and enveloping guitars conjoining to explore some far-out places. Dott are a sunny garage-pop band out of Galway, Ireland, whose bouncy, infectious harmonies could bring some levity to the evening. Vera Project, 7:30 pm, $9 adv/$8 with club card. recommended