The present political climate demands resistance against patriarchy with even more urgency than ever, and today is the perfect chance to get empowered in the company of allies. The afternoon was organized by internet-based feminist collective Men's Rights Club (ha-ha), whose mission is to "combat gender inequality and marginalization by providing a safe and encouraging space for discussion, network, support, and learning." This important day will hold musical sets from Olympia's freak R&B/lo-fi dance trio Hot Fruit, cleverly monikered Seattle ladies Peeping Tomboys, blistering noise duo Hashtagtits, and bedroom punk-pop/cuddlecore champ Lisa Prank, as well as various art and installations, nail art, grilled food, and much more. Get it, grrrl! 511 A, 2 pm.


It's time for all goths to emerge from summer hibernation, because Seattle band Vats will be raging (in the dark) at Cairo tonight. The young local band plays eyeliner-entombed, Peel Session–primed darkwave that would make Siouxsie proud (or maybe pursuant of a copyright lawsuit). Also spookifying the bill, LA's hypnotic synth savants Protect Me have a sound that pirouettes from primal punk to industrial dance. Their appropriately titled debut cassette, Pornographics, was released May 18 via Bigjoy Records, and it is an '80s-tastic feat of weird synth perversion. Seattle-based electronic magus Tim_Held calls his latest, Alb(L)um, "part improvisation and part random chance." Shape-shifting from ambient minimalism and found sound to club-ready industrial house, Tim moves from gray to neon and back again in seconds. These on-point beat convulsions spur ass-grinding moves that will be sure to get chokers loosened and heads pounding. Cairo, 8 pm, $7.


Local indie rock trio Scarves are finally releasing their debut full-length, Empty Houses, after last year's three-song TV EP provided a promising introduction for the ex–Silicon Girls/Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band collaboration. Like a mathier and mildly emo-tinged Built to Spill, Scarves interweave interestingly constructed, clean and sparkly guitars and emotionally up-front lyricism. With Philadelphia-based baroque/chamber pop ensemble Oh! Pears and a new solo set from Chris Cunningham of Ravenna Woods. Vera Project, 8 pm, $7 adv/$8 DOS. recommended