Don't believe the hype. Although the Idiot Pilot show at Neumo's on Sunday, November 21, is billed as a CD release for IP's full-length debut, Strange We Should Meet Here, the band ensures me that that isn't the case.

Strange was technically released last March on the indie Bellingham label Click Pop Records. But Reprise Records scooped up the young duo and there have been plans to re-release the record ever since. Although no official street date has been set, they're currently aiming for January/February 2005. (For those of you who don't want to wait any longer, however--and have the means to download--the record is already for sale in the iTunes Music Store.)

If you haven't seen their live show yet, though, Idiot Pilot take their eruption of electronic rock and atmospheric hardcore to a new level onstage. Daniel Anderson mans the laptop and a heavily (but beautifully) distorted guitar, while singer Michael Harris handles all the sweeping, haunting vocal attacks. They fuel one another with merciless intensity and energy, forcing your attention with their intense onstage passion.

So while this isn't a CD release show, it's still very worthy of your attendance. It'll only cost you eight bucks, and also features exceptional local acts Mon Frere, the Fall of Troy, and Minus the Bear.

Mon Frere will put out their debut, Real Vampires EP, in just a few weeks, and that CD release party has already been set for December 3rd at the Vera Project with Kane Hodder, Schoolyard Heroes, and the Fall of Troy.

Speaking of the Fall of Troy, the Edmond's trio has some label news of their own. Until all details are sorted, however, that information is officially unofficial--meaning I can't really talk about it.

Wrapping up the evening is Minus the Bear. If there were an award for best song names, it'd no doubt go to them, with titles like "Thanks for the Killer Game of Crisco® Twister," "Hey, Wanna Throw Up?" and "Let's Play Guitar in a Five Guitar Band" gracing their releases. Utilizing guitar work reminiscent of Juno's three-ax onslaught, Minus the Bear weave moody electronic sounds into their layers of rigid math rock. Live, it's a thick sonic onslaught not to be missed. MEGAN SELING

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