Monster Energy Outbreak Tour Presents SLUSHII at WaMu Theater on April 26. Tickets still available!


Get unpatriotic with an early evening of agitated, sweltering hardcore. Toronto's blistering guitar onslaught S.H.I.T. (aka Sexual Humans in Turmoil) may pierce your inner ears with their cochlea-crunching grind. On their Collective Unconsciousness 7-inch (Iron Lung), abrasive and fiercely welded guitar fury reigns, each song faster and meaner than the next. I've lauded inventive Seattle-based punk label Iron Lung Records in these pages before for their ability to curate the best in punk from the Northwest and beyond. As a label that "know[s] what it likes and what it doesn't like," they've established themselves as likers/distributors of heavy music worth hearing. Also certainly worth hearing are Vexx's spiraling, Midwestern-thunderstorm-heavy guitar whorls—the Olympia-based punks are a powerful lady-led force of technically composed hardcore post-punk. Their un-repressed riffs and empowered political undertones make the rerelease of their self-titled 12-inch on M'Lady's Records something to seek. Also obliterating this incinerating shredfest are Mercenaries, featuring members of Olympia death metal act Bone Sickness. With Mysterious Skin. Black Lodge, 5 pm.



Time to bust out the porkpie hats and start skankin', because long-running ska dynamos Fishbone are playing your local historic-theater-turned-all-ages-venue! The LA band's unapologetically funky punk has been making rude boys and beat girls dance and thrash since 1979. Fishbone have created everything from two-toned, catchy ska-pop jams ("Ma and Pa") to weirdo funk-metal (most notably on the bass-driven '93 album Give a Monkey a Brain and He'll Swear He's the Center of the Universe). Regardless of the style, the band's ability to move Oxfords and checkered Vans remains fully intact. They still deliver a furiously danceable and groove-centric live show. Now, go see them while you can! Neptune, 8 pm, $20. recommended