Regret. Yeah, well, I've got some of that.

I regret missing every opportunity I had this year to see Against Me! Stupid, stupid, stupid. I also regret not going to the Q and Not U show at Neumo's back in October or either of the very sold out Social Distortion shows at the Premier that same month. For the latter, I was all, "I don't like their new songs as much" about it, and decided to skip the show all together, but after my sister informed me that Social Distortion were pretty awesome live, I now wish I'd gone. (Although, I hate to admit I regret that Mike Ness is getting old… sigh.)

Apparently October was a bad month for me, because I also missed out on the Assailant's homecoming show with Hot Cross. I really, really regret that. Of the shows I did manage to attend, though, I regret going to see Snow Patrol at the Showbox. They were boring, I'm sorry to say, and the only saving grace to their typical indie rock performance was their hilariously entertaining cover of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love." I don't regret witnessing that, but I do regret the other hour and a half. Especially opening band Eisley. Yawn.

I don't regret finally caving in to my lifelong karaoke ban and performing (twice!) this year at Three Imaginary Girls' Rock Star Karaoke events (Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart," and Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69," thank you very much), but I do regret that I can't sing. Thank goodness I had wonderful duet partners both times, and the focus wasn't completely on my off-key squealing. Oh, and I also regret that an MP3 of the second performance ("Summer of '69") is available online at But I now regret telling you that.

I regret buying citrus-flavored toothpaste earlier this year. That stuff was just gross. But I don't regret discovering Crest's Dual Action Whitening in Cool Mint. It's the best toothpaste in the whole world.

I regret not giving more attention to much-deserving bands (like Claymore and the Assailant), but I'll make up for it in 2005.

I regret that Good Charlotte exists, although (sadly) I'm not sure there's much I can do to stop them, and I regret liking that stupid Yellowcard "Oceans Avenue" song as much as I do. It gets stuck in my head (unfortunately) and I can't help singing it.

I regret falling asleep on the ferry that one time after a show in Bremerton. That was a bit embarrassing. It was pretty late, I was really tired, and I reclined the car seat for a few minutes of shuteye… next thing I know three ferry workers are knocking on the car windows desperately trying to wake me up so I can drive off the damned boat and they can go home. Sorry about that, guys.

Speaking of Bremerton, I don't regret going on tour with Kane Hodder, but I do regret that the band snores so loudly (well, some of them, I won't say who). I also regret forcing those guys to endure endless hours of my bad jokes ("What's the last thing that goes through a bug's mind as it hits the windshield? Its BUTT!"), as well as my loud, lyrically incorrect MxPx sing-alongs. I guess it was a fair trade for the snoring, though. MEGAN SELING

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