After a pretty brutal fight went down during Lahar's CD release show at the Paradox a few weeks back [see Underage, June 9], the all-ages venue began hosting hardcore shows with more caution. They upped the security force and made it clear that anyone seen fighting will be permanently banned from the venue. Turns out some kids weren't listening, though. The following weekend, June 11, problems persisted at the benefit show (featuring local metal band Himsa as the headlining act).

"One girl was getting pushed around during the show and so some of our security escorted the guy out of the venue," says the Paradox's booking manager Alicia Blake. "Turns out there were a bunch of guys outside who were friends with the girl, and so they confronted him and a fight started. It wasn't incredibly serious, some pushing and yelling, but everything got broken up."

Because the folks at the Paradox take pride in creating a safe, all-ages environment, they're trying to decide what kind of action to take in response to the recent spate of violence. While they certainly don't want to discontinue hardcore shows as a general rule, they have canceled this summer's Hardcore Fest scheduled for July 15. They'll also no longer be able to host free hardcore events.

In an official statement posted on regarding the Paradox's future, Blake said, "The Paradox staff has agreed that to stop booking hardcore shows is not the answer. By doing that, we are choosing to shut out and alienate an entire community of people. However, this does not mean we will accept the recurrence of fights at the Paradox. Whether it be strengthening our security team—in numbers and in training—or providing positive means of communication for show goers with our staff, we want to make this a positive experience for everyone involved."

Though the venue will be taking a break from booking any future hardcore shows, July's scheduled events (with the exclusion of Hardcore Fest) will still happen as planned, including Stay Gold's long-awaited farewell show on July 16.

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In other all-ages news, ya'll are no doubt privy to the fact that Schoolyard Heroes just released Fantastic Wounds, their second full-length, on Tuesday, June 21. The band celebrated the album with a special acoustic in-store performance at Ballard's Sonic Boom Records (the four-song set sounded amazing and had kids hollering for more), and this weekend, they're back in all their loud-as-hell glory, playing their official Seattle CD release with labelmates Post Stardom Depression on Friday July 1 at El Corazón. PSD also recently released a new album, Prime Time Looks a Lot Like Amateur Night, on the Control Group. Prime Time is an impressively raucous and dirty garage-rock record amped with a bit of punk attitude. Kane Hodder and Mon Frere will round out the evening, which starts at 8:00 p.m. and costs $6 at the door. MEGAN SELING