The All-Ages Movement Project, a nonprofit organization founded by Shannon Stewart (who also helped found the Vera Project) to help foster all-ages venues across the country, is in the running to win one of ten $50,000 prizes through Pepsi's Refresh Project. Over 700 organizations are vying to get into the top 10 via supporters' votes; at press time, AMP was at number six in its category.

If it wins, AMP's program director Kevin Erickson says part of the money will be used to cover printing costs of a reference book they've written to help people build all-ages communities.

"It's both history and how-to, providing a road map for anyone trying to start and sustain an all-ages venue or youth music organization," he says.

Another part of the money will help fund the regional events AMP is planning for the book's release. "It's not the kind of book that's well-suited to a traditional reading tour—it's a reference book, full of interesting stories, but really dense with information. So we settled on regional events. They'll be at least a day long and will include workshops, performances, panels, trainings, etc."

While the all-ages music community may be getting support here in Seattle (the Vera Project is partially funded by the city, for example), other areas aren't always so lucky.

"Every week, I'm getting e-mails from people starting up venues or facing challenges," says Erickson. "It can be really overwhelming, especially if you're a young person without formal training, government connections, or access to resources. This grant will allow us to spend some additional staff time working individually with folks at the local level to strategize and problem solve."

AMP has been sitting comfortably at number six in recent days, but there's over a week left to vote, with hundreds of other causes in the running. Visit to cast your ballot for AMP.

Recommended All-Ages Shows

Fri Feb 19: Hey Marseilles, the Globes at the Vera Project, 7:30 pm, $10/$11.

Sat Feb 20: Sound Off! Semifinals #2 with A Cozy Kitchen, Hooves and Beak, Pan Pan, the Cat from Hue at EMP, 9 pm, $7–$10.

Tues Feb 23: Past Lives in-store at Sonic Boom Records (Capitol Hill), 7 pm, free.