Sarah Murphy

First of all, if you've heard the rumor about Healthy Times Fun Club closing, let me assure you that it is not—not immediately, anyway. Two of the folks who run the venue plan on moving to the East Coast later this summer, but no definite decisions have been made about the venue's future. They tell me that they are "alive and kicking, at least through the end of July" and all shows they have booked between now and then are ON.


In other news, there are two record releases happening this week, both for gentle, beautiful records that would be perfect accompaniments for long walks in the sun at Discovery Park or other such tree-filled places. Hey Marseilles are celebrating the vinyl rerelease of their album To Travels & Trunks at the Vera Project on Friday night (thankfully, it comes with a digital download so you don't have to take a record player on the walk with you). And on Tuesday, Damien Jurado officially releases his new album, Saint Bartlett, celebrating with a free show at Sonic Boom Records in Ballard.

There's some new stuff for the headbangers, too. Grenades—the post–Kane Hodder/Schoolyard Heroes hybrid that's darker and heavier than either Hodder or Schoolyard—are in the midst of writing new material for a full-length they plan on releasing before the end of the year, and they'll be trying out some of those songs at the Black Lodge this Saturday with Requin and Cold Lake.

Sort of related: Requin features two members of the defunct band People We Hate, who have a pretty decent song called "Megan Seling Sucks." It's funny. I mean, they apparently hate me, but the song's not bad! If someone's gonna write about how much I suck, I appreciate it's at least done with flair. You can hear it at recommended

Recommended All-Ages Shows

Fri May 21: Hey Marseilles, Ravenna Woods, Sea Fever at the Vera Project, 7:30 pm, $10/$11.

Support The Stranger

Sat May 22: Requin, Cold Lake, Grenades, Mercy Ties at Black Lodge, 9 pm, donations accepted.

Tues May 25: Damien Jurado at Sonic Boom Records Ballard, 6:30 pm, free.

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