You might not know this, kiddos, but for the past week, adults all over Seattle have been getting wasted in your honor. Since Saturday, September 29, the Vera Project's annual A Drink for the Kids benefit ( has been making its way through the neighborhoods of the city, hitting various bars that have generously donated a percentage of their evening profits to the very worthy all-ages organization. The more folks drank, the more money Vera earned. It's an easy way to get the grown-ups involved in fundraising for an all-ages venue, because most grown-ups like the alcohol.

On Thursday, October 4, it's your turn—to support the Vera Project, I mean, not get wasted. Unless you're 21, then you can do whatever you want. The point is, Greg Dulli and Petra Haden are playing the Triple Door Thursday night as the big finale to A Drink for the Kids week—and for the first time ever, ADFTK's final show is all ages!

Do you even know who Greg Dulli is? The emotive singer/songwriter built a cult following by being the former singer of the beloved Afghan Whigs, a rock band who were around in the mid-'80s. Dulli is also the singer of the Twilight Singers, which is a more mellow and intimate side project to the Whigs' cathartic rock. It'll be a hell of a show and a great way to cap off a week of hard work (and heavy drinking).

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The Vera Project has been thriving since moving into their new location earlier this year. This fall's calendar looks extremely strong for the venue. The Blakes and the Saturday Knights play Friday, October 5; the Pleasureboaters CD release is on October 12 (their new album completely kills, by the way, but more on that next week); and both Natalie Portman's Shaved Head and "Awesome" have shows later in October, too. Cheers! recommended