Let's admit it: Warped Tour has become a complete parody of itself. Now the dozens of bands playing each year are actually the sideshow while most concertgoers walk like zombies through the blistering sun to get free shit from the numerous sponsor booths and see their friends act like jackasses. If you're lucky, you maybe catch 10 minutes of NOFX's half-hour set between standing in line for $5 water and trying to get a turn on the new PlayStation.

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In an attempt to make Warped Tour fun again, I've created a little game—a scavenger hunt, actually. The list below is full of things to see, do, and collect. Make some copies, pass 'em out to your friends, and hit up the Gorge on Saturday, July 15, for Warped Tour 2006 (featuring NOFX, Rise Against, Anti-Flag, Thursday, Underoath, Against Me, and the Casualties). Each item on the list has a point value, and whoever has the most points at the end of the day (with photographic evidence, of course), wins! Good luck, and don't forget to wear sunscreen.