Brian Echon

This weekend would be a great time to get cozy with Capitol Hill's Cairo, a gallery and all-ages show space with an appreciation for all things DIY. On Friday, August 27, three local labels (GGNZLA, Highfives and Handshakes, and Don't Stop Believin' Records) are hosting a barbecue, label sale, and showcase, where their entire catalogs will be on sale (T-shirts, records, tapes, whatever else they can pull from the massive mountain of merchandise filling up their storage spaces and/or living rooms), while bands representing each label's roster perform live. It'd be really great if sumo wrestling suits were involved, but I think it's more a celebration of local music than a competition.

On the bill is Strong Killings (representing team Don't Stop Believin'), Christmas (from Highfives...), and the skivvy-flaunting PartMan PartHorse (at bat for GGNZLA).

I've heard exactly one song by Christmas, but it has two great things going for it: One, it's called "Pies" and pie is delicious; two, it was produced and engineered by K Records artist Arrington De Dionyso. It's a surfy, psychedelic noise experiment, and so far as I can tell it has nothing to do with pie. But it's intriguing enough to convince me that their sonic freak-outs will be interesting to watch (and if wrestling does come into play, they might be scrappy enough to win).

On Sunday, August 29, another music festival hits Cairo: Carousel Fest. Carousel Fest is a three-day event at various low-key venues throughout the city—Black Lodge, the Greenhouse, the Josephine, the new Hollow Earth Radio Space—and it features dozens of local artists. Cairo's lineup includes not only a short film festival (3:10–4:10 pm), but also sets by Kids and Animals and Butts, the newish project featuring Rachel Ratner of PartMan PartHorse and Shannon Perry of Katharine Hepburn's Voice. More about Carousel at

Viva la Cairo!

Recommended All-Ages Shows

Fri Aug 27: PartMan PartHorse, Christmas, Strong Killings at Cairo, barbecue starts at 4 pm, music starts at 8 pm, $5.

Sun Aug 29: Carousel Fest with Butts, Grave Babies, Kids and Animals, Secret Colors, and more at Cairo, 1 pm, $5–$7.

Sun Aug 29: Carousel Fest with Ravenna Woods, Constant Lovers, Carson McWhirter, Cold Lake, and more at Black Lodge, 7 pm, $5–$7.