Good-bye, sun. Good-bye, blue skies. Good-bye, warm nights, cool breezes, and dry sidewalks. It's officially fall in the Pacific Northwest; it's about to get gray, rainy, and gross for the next several months. But there's still time to build up a strong defense against the seasonal affective disorder that's looming right around the corner—and every good fight deserves a good soundtrack. A couple months ago, I put together an "end of summer" playlist; here's your recommended listening for the beginning of fall.

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The songs are all fitting for the season—with lyrics about rain, fog, leaves, etc.—but they're also uplifting, poppy, and bright. They'll make you want to pull on your rubber boots and splash around in the puddles instead of lamenting about the fact that it's raining. Again.

In fact, if you want a copy of this mix, I will burn 10 of 'em and send them to the first 10 people to e-mail me their address at A free mix CD just for you! Here are just some of my favorite fall songs that'll appear on it:

The Quiet Ones—"Sound of Fog": A bright ode to the wonders of the Northwest, including the foggy mornings and great music, this song will remind you why you live here in the first place.

People Eating People—"Rain, Rain": By way of memorable piano riffs and Nouela Johnston's gorgeous voice, People Eating People turn the horrible rain into something that washes away past mistakes rather than ruins your day.

Grand Hallway—"Raindrops (Matsuri)": Another wonderful pop tune that romanticizes the rain while also singing, unabashedly, about how amazing it feels to be in love.

The Posies—"Licenses to Hide": Okay, so this one isn't about fall at all (well, they do mention storms, if that counts), but on this new song, from the just-released album Blood/Candy, the Posies appear to have summoned Elton John circa 1972 to create a really catchy glam-pop anthem. recommended

Recommended All-Ages Shows

Thurs Oct 7: Valient Thorr, Red Fang, Witchburn, Curse of the North at El Corazón, 7 pm, $12.

Fri Oct 8: The Corin Tucker Band, the Redwood Plan at Showbox at the Market, 8 pm, $15.

Sun Oct 10: Frog Eyes at the Vera Project, 7:30 pm, $9.