There is a band in America that is worse than BrokeNCYDE. In fact, this band makes BrokeNCYDE look like a church choir. (And, sadly, they'd most certainly take that as a compliment.) They're called Blood on the Dance Floor, and before you give them some kind of a pass for being named after a Michael Jackson song, remember that it is a crappy Michael Jackson song.

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This band is offensive on a number of levels. They're one party shitty programmed club beats, one part screamo, one part drugged-out carny, and two parts violence and misogyny. Their demographic, as far as I can tell from the fan base they've cultivated on the internet, is underage kids.

Remember the 11-year-old girl, Jessi Slaughter, who blew up the internet for 15 minutes because of her anti-haters video in which she threatened to pop a Glock in people's mouths and make a brain slushy if they didn't like what she had to say?

Yeah. She loves Blood on the Dance Floor. She was wearing one their T-shirts in the infamous video (which got picked up and reported on by Gawker, Good Morning America, and Nightline).

Now, I don't want to get all Tipper Gore on your ass and start censoring artists, but these guys' gross lyrics aren't even good gross lyrics. Here's a sample from their song "Sluts Get Guts," which seems to be about killing girls who won't sleep with them: "Stuffing bodies in the trunk/All the whores who wouldn't fuck/Bitches, sluts, and stupid cunts/A bomb is ticking, their time is up/Locked in the closet or hiding under your bed/I'm the worst kind of monster 'cause I'm all in your head."

And from their "hit" song "Sexting!": "Show me what you've got/On my LCD/Let's get down to it/So you can get down on me/Cybering is so 1999/You've gotta be textually active if you wanna be mine... Cut the shit, show your tits/Flip it out on my Sidekick."

Who the fuck still uses a Sidekick, anyway?

I bring all this up because Blood on the Dance Floor are playing Studio Seven this Thursday, October 21, and if any of your friends ask, "Hey, wanna go?" now you know the answer is no. Because you're smarter than that.

Go away, Blood on the Dance Floor. You're gross. recommended

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