Two Saturdays ago pushed things from bad to ridiculous. March had been a pretty mediocre month for all-ages music here in Seattle, but what went down at the Wildrose that Saturday night was the topper. I was huddled outside of the bar's window with a couple of my fellow under-21 friends to see Thee Oh Sees. It's obviously never the same watching a show through a pane of glass, but the band played brilliant sets the past two times they were in town, especially at Gallery 1412, and I thought it would be worth it. In between one of their songs, which I could hardly hear anyway, Oh Sees singer John Dwyer (formerly of Pink and Brown and Coachwhips) turned around, looked at the pack of dorks behind him at the window, and announced to the bar in an affected drawl, "LOOK AT ALL THE LITTLE 15-YEAR-OLDS!"

Being mocked by one of your favorite musicians stinks, but it pales in comparison to the constant mockery of the words "21+" on posters and concert calendars all month long. After hearing Beach House's latest album, Devotion, I fell in love with the band, only to find out I couldn't go see them play at Chop Suey. Everyone will be talking for months about Boredoms' recent set at Neumo's—just another party that Seattle's youth weren't invited to. Even The Stranger's Young Ones showcase last month couldn't be attended by Seattle's literal young ones.

I understand the importance of alcohol laws, that promoters have to make their money, and that all-ages shows carry a higher financial risk most of the time. It bites, but life goes on.

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Spring is coming, and the month of April is looking like the sunshine peeking out from March's clouds. The Old Fire House has some solid shows in the works—Past Lives, Triumph of Lethargy, and the Dead Science for a start—and the Vera Project has a strong month featuring Why?, Mount Eerie, Iron Lung, and the Yellow Swans' last Seattle show ever. Summer's right around the corner for all those sweaty house shows. Yeah, March has been a pretty bleak month. But something tells me it only gets better from here, even for the little 15-year-olds. recommended