A few times a year, the pressure of having to keep up on the newest and most newsworthy music will cause my brain to break. Something snaps and I become so obsessed with a single band or song that it will be all I can listen to for hours a day, sometimes for days, sometimes for weeks at a time.

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Earlier this year, there was a David Bowie phase; last spring, I had a Phil Collins phase (I should be more embarrassed to admit that than I actually am); and I started this year with a pretty gnarly Ted Leo phase (though I suppose my whole life could be considered one pretty gnarly Ted Leo phase). In the midst of these episodes I'll waste hundreds of minutes a day looking through everything I can find about that song or artist—lyrics, interviews, quotes, reviews (if there's ever an "Against All Odds" trivia night, I will kick all your asses).

My current obsession is the Brooklyn-based punk band Bomb the Music Industry!, whom I appreciated in the past but have uncovered a new love for since revisiting them while starting to think about obligatory year-end lists. Bomb the Music Industry!'s scrappy ska-punk songs (about music-industry assholes and their former bandmate joining Every Time I Die) are all I want to listen to right now. They're the reason I haven't heard a minute of the new Kanye West or Girl Talk records. Like defunct pop-punk band Latterman (the subject of my obsessive tendencies last summer), many of BTMI!'s songs are about trying to find the awesome in life's crap, through friendship, positivity, and humor.

Their radness expands beyond their music, too: The band plays only all-ages shows, they never charge more than $10 a ticket, and they bring stencils and spray paint to all their concerts so you can make your own BTMI! T-shirts. No, they don't have any Northwest tour dates coming up (sad), but you can get every single song they've ever released at www.quoteunquoterecords.com for $5 per record (suggested donation; if you're broke, they'll let you have 'em all for free). My obsession can be your obsession, even if you're broke. recommended

Recommended All-Ages Shows

Thurs Dec 2: Dyno Jamz, Theoretics, Flying Sneakers Crew at Chop Suey, 8 pm, $8.

Fri Dec 3: Bob Mould, Telekinesis at the Triple Door, 8 pm, $25.

Support The Stranger

Sat Dec 4: Benefit for the Andy Kotowicz Family Foundation: Shabazz Palaces, Vetiver, Fruit Bats, Wolf Eyes, and many more at Showbox at the Market, 6 pm, $20.

Wed Dec 8: Deck the Hall Ball: Broken Bells, the Black Keys, Jimmy Eat World, Cake, the Temper Trap, Sleigh Bells at WaMu Theater, 4:30 pm, $44.50 adv/$49.50 DOS.