Oh no! AFI singer Davey Havok is lost at Bumbershoot! He's supposed to play the Mainstage at 9:45 p.m. on Saturday, September 3, but will he make it through Seattle Center's gauntlet of sun-dazed hippies and half-gnawed corn-on-the-cob carcasses in time to play the show? You control his fate!


Start: Davey is on his way to his dressing room to freshen up his eyeliner and say a quick prayer to Morrissey when all of a sudden a slew of autograph-demanding goth rockers spot him. What does Davey do?

A: Stops to sign everything. In blood. (Continue to Part 2)

B: Runs. (Jump to Part 3)

Part 2: Davey is growing dizzy from blood loss. He gets himself to the strip of food booths, but in his delusional state, he is tempted by the chicken skewers despite his long-time vegan status. What will Davey eat?

A: Tofu. (Go to Part 4)B: Chicken! Vegans are babies! (Go to Part 5)

Part 3: Davey runs until the angry mob is out of sight, but the sweat is melting his makeup into his eyes. He can barely see when he reaches the food booths. He hesitantly points at the menu, not sure of what he's ordering. What does Davey order?

A: Chicken. (Go to Part 5)B: Sushi. (Go to Part 6)

Part 4: After eating, Davey feels strong enough to continue, except now he's not sure where he is. He lost his cell phone, so he can't call Jade. Whom does he ask for help?

A: The hot blonde standing by the fountain. (Go to Part 7)B: A drunk guy. (Go to Part 8)

Part 5: That chicken isn't sitting well with Davey, who hasn't ingested animal flesh in years. Desperately searching for a bathroom, Davey ducks into an unfamiliar building. Where does Davey Go?

A: The Lopez Room. (Go to Part 9)

B: The Exhibition Hall. (Go to Part 10)

Part 6: You lose! Davey's sushi dinner had been sitting in the sun, giving him terrible food poisoning. Even if he made it back to the Mainstage, he couldn't get off the toilet for at least three more hours.

Part 7: You win! That hot blonde is Blondie's Deborah Harry, who's also playing the Mainstage on Saturday. She takes Davey back in time for AFI's set later that evening.

Part 8: You lose! Davey ends up preaching to the drunk guy about the straight-edge lifestyle for hours and completely misses AFI's set.

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Part 9: You lose! The Knitta workshop is in full-effect in the Lopez Room and Davey is taken aback by the soft yarn and pretty colors. Swearing off rock and roll, Davey becomes a member of the graffiti-knitting crew, leaving AFI in the dust.

Part 10: You win! In the Exhibition Hall, the Blood Brothers are playing. Halfway through their set, Davey smartly jumps behind the crowd of kids donning AFI shirts who are headed to the Mainstage and gets himself to the show on time. megan@thestranger.com

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