Holler if it's just me, but it seems like it's been forever since someone threw a nasty, stinky house show in this city. You know, the type of raucous concert that leaves a wet residue on walls and clothing—the kind that turns you on to the beauty of basement shows in the first place. It seems like the fun-time tap has been a touch dehydrated since summer ended, but this Sunday, November 9's Younger Lovers show at the Monsterssori House is full of refreshing promise. Like many aspiring young punkers, Gravy Train!!!! member and Younger Lovers creator Brontez fell in love with iconic Boston rocker Jonathan Richman over a recent summer and decided to start a real rock and roll band separate from his extant electro-queer unit. The songs on his solo debut, Newest Romantic, are all built off of Gravy Train!!!! demos, so they don't stray too far from simple, party-starting rambles about sex and boyfriends, but the album does have a notably rougher edge. They're sure to get some shoeless kids shaking their butts and bumpin' and grindin' in the bike workshop of Beacon Hill's finest punk house.

All-Ages Calendar

Fri Nov 7: Gina Young, Your Heart Breaks, Natalie Illium at Faire Cafe Gallery Space, 9 pm, free.

Fri Nov 7: Trevor Davis, Marathon, Allen Stone at Q Cafe, 7:30 pm, $7.

Sat Nov 8: Chaostic Magic, Gust Burns Quartet at Gallery 1412, 8 pm, $5–$15.

Sun Nov 9: Younger Lovers, Magic Johnson, Witches Of..., Beau Rage at Monsterssori House, 7 pm, $5 suggested donation.