Sometime in the year 2003, in a ware- house art space or maybe a psych ward, four warped-minded artists got together and formed the experimental rock-and-roll band AIDS Wolf, with the stated purpose of "eliciting a reaction," whether positive or not. Here's a reaction: Their newest full-length, Cities of Glass, is quite possibly the most annoying album I have ever heard. Their music­—better described as directionless, reckless noise—is like the tinny sound a speaker makes when a nearby cell phone goes off, only for 23 miserable minutes. Guitars sloppily skate between grating feedback and repetitive parrotlike screeching, while singer Chloe Lum howls and cackles over nonsensical thudding drums. While the band's wild, unbridled shrieks may appeal to your animalistic side in short exposure, even the most open-minded of ears could have trouble taking AIDS Wolf's contrived cacophony in large doses.

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Thurs Nov 20: White Rainbow, PWRFL Power at UW HUB, 7 pm, $8 ($4 w/student ID).

Fri Nov 21: Lucky Dragons, Hecuba, Pit Er Pat, Tinsel at Vera Project, 7:30 pm, $8 ($7 w/club card).

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Sat Nov 22: Conservative Dad, Fight the Current, Monarch, Jon William Johnson at Ground Zero, 8 pm, $6.

Tues Nov 25: AIDS Wolf, Arrington de Dionyso, Midwife at Vera Project, 7:30 pm, $9 ($8 w/club card).