Halloween is my favorite holiday, but unfortunately it comes during one of the busiest times of the year. Fall always brings tons of new records and great shows and it's hard to find time to pull a costume together in the midst of all the rock and roll. So, having put no thought into my October 31 outfit, I turned to a few local rock-star friends for ideas.


Scottie Yoder, the Pharmacy: "I'm gonna be an 'Ave Rat' for Halloween. Combat boots, an extra-large My Chemical Romance shirt, trench coat, JNCO jeans, fishnets on my arms, and lots of raver candy. I've also been growing out my facial hair for a really gnarly goatee."

Billy Corazon, Shorthand for Epic: "I thought about being Bizarro Quinn from Sealab 2021. 'Bizarro!! I laid an egg for you! Bizarro! I love you!' But I will probably just go as a sexy toaster oven. Brooke, our keyboard player, is going to be MacGyver. She will make a gin distillery out of a piece of cardboard, some twine, and a well-chewed piece of gum. The benefits of this are self-explanatory."

Boat: "Members of boat are dressing up as Gorton's fisherman, a soybean farmer, John Keister, and Andre Agassi."

Jonah Bergman, Schoolyard Heroes: "I was thinking about being Steve Irwin with a stingray jutting out of my mangled chest with the word 'Crikey!' written in blood on the back on my tattered outback shirt. It would be very tastefully done. I promise."

Kyle Swisher, Mon Frere: "The band was thinking about being all three characters from Da Ali G Show—Nouela will be Ali G, Dustin will be Brüno, and I'll be Borat."

Now that your mind is reeling with possibilities, you'll need a place to go. You can check out the massive collection of Halloween listings on page 79, but there are also a few standout events happening this Halloween weekend, the first being the most obvious choice: Schoolyard Heroes. The band is currently touring with Bullet for My Valentine and they'll be playing El Corazón on October 27. Few bands are more appropriate for Halloween than Schoolyard, whose song catalog includes titles such as "Serial Killers Know How to Party" and "Curse of the Werewolf."

On October 28, spend your day with Vera. First, carve your pumpkin at Vera House (766 Thomas St) between 5:00—8:00 p.m. (bring your own pumpkin), and then later that night get down to the Fusion Cafe (at Downtown YMCA) for the Halloween Party with special musical guests (shhh... it's a surprise!).

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But most importantly, if you really wanted to be freaked out on Halloween, you could subject yourself to the horror that is Hawthorne Heights, who play the Fenix on October 31. But c'mon, no one wants to live a real-life nightmare on the scariest day of the year! It should be about fun, not torture.


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