Hey, everybody, announcement: Liam Neeson is in another spinetinglingthrilleraction movie, only this time he isn’t looking for his daughter, he’s looking for HIS SELF! Dr. Martin Harris (Neeson) is a keynote speaker at a biotechnology conference in Berlin, but when he and his wife, Elizabeth (January Jones, who is rather difficult to disassociate from her troubled young mother role on Mad Men), leave the airport for their hotel, the dumbass cab driver forgets Harris’s briefcase on the sidewalk! (German cab drivers are notorious for such things.) When Dr. Harris realizes, he hops another cab driven by Hot Serbian Cab Driver™, aka Gina (Diane Kruger), back to the airport. But when a refrigerator falls off a cargo truck (Germans have notoriously lax laws when it comes to securing cargo), Hot Serbian Cab Driver™ swerves to miss the mess and flies off a bridge into the drink. Dr. Harris bumps his head and loses his cell phone before Hot Serbian Cab Driver™ breaks a window and pulls him out of the sinking cab. Blam! He is a lost man with no ID in a foreign city. When he regains consciousness in the hospital several days after the accident, no one has come looking for him. When he finally locates Elizabeth, she doesn’t remember him. He’s thrown out of her hotel and has to begin piecing together what the hell has happened. Before you know it, people in black vehicles and tinted windows are following his ass! Then he’s fighting people and has taken Hot Serbian Cab Driver™ under his wing after she’s caught trying to help him! WAIT A MINUTE. He’s not just fighting, he’s beating their asses. This keynote speaker at a biotechnology conference just killed someone with a bottle opener! What gives? Hint: HE’S NOT ACTUALLY IN BIOTECHNOLOGY. Oh, and spoiler alert. recommended

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