Wednesday 10/30 at Showbox Sodo

Wednesday 10/30

Silly Goose, Ex-Girlfriend, Underworld Scum

(Sunset) See Stranger Suggests.

Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples

(Neptune) See My Philosophy.

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s The Nutcracker is Back Onstage at McCaw Hall! Tickets start at $27.
Join PNB for a timeless tale of holiday adventure performed by PNB’s amazing dancers and orchestra.

J. Cole, Wale

(Paramount) See My Philosophy.

The Bismarck, Nervous Curtains, DJ Dr. Troy

(Highline) See Data Breaker.

Kaytranada, Jerome LOL, Tony Goods

(Chop Suey) See Data Breaker.

Janelle Monae, Roman GianArthur

(Showbox Sodo) To some, she's a fearless musical hybrid injecting new life and high drama into contemporary R&B. To others, she's a frantically rotating series of poses, not one of which ever seems to gel in full. To me, she's a fascinating comet of ambition and potential, and I can't wait till she's willing and able to hitch her futuristic alter-ego fantasies and orchestral suites to songs that connect beyond the spazzy dazzle. Whatever the case, onstage, Janelle Monae's a superstar, leading her band like a benevolent disciple of JB, spinning out songs with great showmanship, and dancing her ass off. DAVID SCHMADER See also My Philosophy.

Charli XCX, Kitten, LIZ

(Neumos) Who doesn't miss the old MySpace? The auto-playing songs, the blinking neon zebra-print backgrounds, the glittering GIFs of stars, hearts, and words like ANGEL BABY? Charli XCX is a British ultra-pop maker who was discovered on MySpace and somehow looks and sounds like the internet, or maybe the 2013 version of 1997—Snapchat meets Spencer's meets black lipstick and the shiniest club you've ever danced on a clear platform in. Charli throws the past two decades worth of dance-music tricks into a faux-pixilation blender set to "plaid miniskirt." Do yourself a solid and watch her video for "SuperLove" to prepare for this show. EMILY NOKES

Hitchcock's Psycho

(Benaroya Hall) Seattle Symphony live-scores the movie as it plays on the big screen above. Conducted by Adam Stern. JEN GRAVES

Thursday 10/31

Black Weirdo Halloween Party: THEESatisfaction

(Lo-Fi Performance Gallery) See Stranger Suggests, and My Philosophy.

Flavr Fright Night: The Flavr Blue, Don't Talk to the Cops!, Mac Ned

(Vera) See My Philosophy.

Neumos Halloween Bash: Grynch, the Good Husbands

(Neumos) See My Philosophy.

Hoodie Allen, OCD: Moosh & Twist, D-Why, Shelton Harris & Tyler Dopps

(Showbox Sodo) See My Philosophy.

Hitchcock's Psycho

(Benaroya Hall) See Wednesday.

Decades Cover Night: Ubu Roi, Neighbors, So Pitted, Witch Hammer, Ravenna Woods, Wasted USA, Dude York, Grenades, and more

(Black Lodge) See Underage.

The Accüsed, Millhous, Triple Sixes

(Chop Suey) What better thing to do on Halloween than to go see devilish hardcore, errr, "splattercore," band the Accüsed? (The band themselves coined the term splattercore or "splatter rock" after writing songs in homage to their favorite horror-film genre—inventing a vengeful, feminist, mohawked lady zombie mascot named Martha Splatterhead, who came back from the dead to murder rapists and child molesters.) This was all in the early '80s—when people still, uh, "moshed." Formed in Oak Harbor, Washington, in 1981, the band has seen a gazillion lineup changes. This special Halloween show will feature founding member and original guitarist Tommy Niemeyer, joining drummer Josh Sinder, and former vocalist Brad Mowen. Let's hope Martha and her mighty mohawk will be there, too. KELLY O

Longstride, Elton Jah, Imaginary Friends

(Nectar) It didn't feel like an extraordinary Halloween night until the fog started to roll into the city. It came on quickly, filling every inch of Fremont's airspace with an uncomfortable chill. People scurried down the sidewalk, jumping into Nectar before the monstrous fog stole what was left of their visibility. Once inside, people began to joyously drink and dance—but just as they thought they had found safety... WHAM! The door slammed shut, and the lights dimmed. A man took the stage. Someone in the audience cried out, "Noooooooo!" The man smiled a crooked, knowing smile and gently brushed a synthetic blond dreadlock away from his eye. "I'm Elton Jah," he said in a fake Jamaican accent, "and I play reggae versions of Elton John songs." A steel drum started to play "Candle in the Wind." The door locked itself. There was no way out! Everyone screamed. A baritone voice, a voice that sounded like it was coming from outside, in the midst of the fog, bellowed "Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEN." MEGAN SELING

The Unlimited Horrors, Coconut Coolouts, the Gallow Swings, Underworld Scum

(Bogart's) I know it's fun to pretend to be Glenn Danzig (looking at you, Underworld Scum, Seattle's premier Misfits cover band), but there are other scary bands out there, too, ghouls and boys! For instance, what about Roky Erickson? He has lots of songs about demons. And Satan, too! Check out the lyrics to "Stand for the Fire Demon": Stand for the fire demon/Rising into and with the clouds/Stand for the fire demon/Satan's is his crowd/Stand for the fire demon/Stand and feel it loud. That's almost a "Praise Hell, Satan! Are you with me, brothers and sisters?" Roky Erickson cover band Unlimited Horrors include familiar faces (Derek "Cave Singers," Corey "Cold Lake," Brian "Cute Lepers," Marc "Movitas Marching Band" and Emily "Tacocat" [conflict of interest alert].) You should stand (and feel it loud!) with them, at their very first show. KELLY O

Friday 11/1

White Lung, Antwon

(Barboza) Vancouver's White Lung will harsh your mellow and blacken your eyes with their seething punch of fast, loud, no-shit punk sheathed with a hardcore brass knuckle. Lead Lung Mish Way's lyrics skew feminist (Way is also a writer and has a lot of good things to say on the subject of vaginas and vaginas in music), and her band's aesthetic lives on the angrier side of the F word for sure. On tour with White Lung is San Jose's Antwon, a punk-show-appropriate rapper from the Tumblrized, post-dial-up school of panoptical influence, whose songs are often about drugs, eating out, and eating out (speaking of vaginas). EMILY NOKES

Pete Rock, CL Smooth, Camp Lo, Supreme La Rock

(Crocodile) Elsewhere in this paper, I write that rappers are usually bad at producing, and producers are bad at rapping. One of the few exceptions to this rule is, of course, Pete Rock, who is one of the greatest producers in the history of hiphop (I rate him below only RZA, DJ Premier, and J Dilla, all of whom can't rap). Bronx-born Pete Rock can hold a mic and turn an MPC out. As for CL Smooth, a New York rapper who in 1992 made hiphop history with Pete Rock with the track "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)," he was not lying when he rapped on "Da Two" that he was "the best that ever did it on a Pete Rock track." CHARLES MUDEDE See also My Philosophy.

Benefit for Comet Employees: Hounds of the Wild Hunt

(Chop Suey) When the Comet unexpectedly closed its doors earlier this month, it sucked for a lot of reasons, not least of which because the closure (temporary? Permanent? Who knows!) left a handful of good people suddenly unemployed. But Chop Suey booker Jodi Ecklund and members of the music community are doing what they can to lessen the blow—they've put together a night of stellar music to raise money for the defunct venue's staff of bartenders, bouncers, and bookers. Not only will the show—featuring Hounds of the Wild Hunt, the Daemon Lovers, Black Nite Crash, and others—raise some serious dough for the Comet folks, it'll jog everyone's craziest Comet memories. Remember when fuses kept blowing during U.S.E's show? Remember when Akimbo played Black Flag (with Tad!)? While the fate of the bar is in limbo (see What's Crappening?), let's raise some cash for the people who've made it so fucking great. MEGAN SELING

Garfunkel and Oates

(Neptune) Garfunkel and Oates are the comedy-folk duo Kate and Riki, named after the two great "second bananas" of music, John Oates and Art Garfunkel. The ladies met at the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA and wrote a bunch of songs to address hard-hitting topics like weed cards, pregnant women being smug, and "God's Loophole," the practice of Christian girls having anal sex to preserve their virginity because it's not specifically forbidden in the Bible ("Well, there's a loophole in the scripture that works really well/So I can get him off without going to hell/It's my hail Mary full of grace/In Jesus's name/We go to fifth base"). They became famous from their hilarious YouTube videos, and now the IFC network just announced that they're going to produce a show with 10 half-hour episodes that will premiere in 2014. BREE MCKENNA

Earshot Jazz Festival: Marc Seales Group

(Tula's) It is appropriate that Marc Seales is a professor of jazz piano at the University of Washington, because he often plays the king of instruments much like the sonar echoing/mapping of the deepest parts of American popular music. On songs like "Deep River," which is on his excellent 2004 album A Time, A Place, A Journey..., we hear not only the ghosts of early jazz, blues, and spirituals, but also the raw soil of black American music (which is to say, American classical and popular music), which is, of course, the black American voice itself. Tonight, Seales celebrates the release of a new CD. CHARLES MUDEDE

Slayer, Gojira

(WaMu Theater) After the untimely death of legendary riffmaster Jeff Hanneman this past year, longtime metalheads began to question whether the Slayer-powered thrash train would keep rolling on. Fans didn't have to wait long to realize that even death could not halt the unstoppable force that is Slayer. Instead, they replaced O.G. drummer Dave Lombardo and announced Exodus guitarist Gary Holt would continue to fill Hanneman's role, a position he stepped into back when Hanneman contracted necrotizing fasciitis in 2011. Whether you like it or not, this is Slayer in 2013, and they show no signs of letting up. KEVIN DIERS See also Sound Check.

Saturday 11/2

Death, Unnatural Helpers, Magic Mouth

(Chop Suey) See preview.

Glasser, the Tempers, Dutty Wilderness

(FRED Wildlife Refuge) See Data Breaker.

Sunday 11/3

Earshot Jazz Festival: Bill Frisell Trio

(Jones Playhouse) Seattle-area guitar master Bill Frisell is an über-adaptable player who's collaborated with a hall of fame's worth of musical giants in his long, fruitful career. (Just found out today that he gigged with Ginger Baker and Charlie Haden; Frisell's résumé probably houses dozens of such overlooked combos.) Frisell displays an astounding ability to shift gracefully from beautiful, feathery passages to torrid, jagged ones. He also possesses the uncanny ability to make Beatles songs sound wonderfully abstract. Tonight, Frisell will be playing in duet and trio configurations with drummer Ted Poor and King Tears Bat Trip bassist Luke Bergman. (You can check him doing similar things with pianist Robin Holcomb and trumpeter Cuong Vu on Friday, November 1, at Jones Playhouse.) DAVE SEGAL

Monday 11/4

Underpass, iji, the Witches Titties

(Hollow Earth Radio) See Underage.

Support The Stranger

Mazzy Star, Mariee Sioux, Entrance Band

(Neptune) See Stranger Suggests.

Sepultura, Unearth, Kataklysm, Dark Sermon

(Neumos) South America's biggest metal export is on the cusp of turning 30. But like so many other multi-decade acts, there isn't much resemblance between today's Sepultura and the original Brazilian band that helped bridge the gap between thrash, death metal, and hardcore back in the late '80s and early '90s. For one thing, only bassist Paulo Jr. remains from the lineup that delivered classics like Beneath the Remains, Arise, and Chaos A.D. Sonically, Sepultura still retain some of the groove-oriented chug of the proto-nü breakout album Roots—the band even reenlisted producer Ross Robinson for their latest album, The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart. But unfortunately, post-Roots Sepultura haven't been able to retain the urgency and voracious absorption of new underground sounds that defined their early years. BRIAN COOK

Andy Coe Band

(Blue Moon Tavern) Respected music heads in the community have been saying positive things about the Andy Coe Band for a while now. ACB play for free every Monday at Blue Moon Tavern, going up against another long-running Monday night staple, Michael Shrieve's Spellbinder at the White Rabbit. Seattle jam-band aficionados sure are spoiled. Anyway, Mr. Coe is a guitarist who initially started ACB in order to pay homage to the late Grateful Dead leader, Jerry Garcia. A few minutes in Coe's presence proves that his mercurial, serpentine leads vibrate close to that Garcia-esque golden mean. Deadheads can feast well here. Whatever your allegiance, you'd do well to dip your head at least once into ACB's marathon hippie-soul sessions. DAVE SEGAL

Tuesday 11/5

Luke Rain, BingX

(Barboza) Luke Rain's a young white rapper/producer from Seattle who might benefit from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's global success. His latest album, Rain Shine, sounds brashly flashy with booming baps, twisted synth riffs, aspirational lyrics spit authoritatively, and the occasional melodramatic, Nerf-metal guitar solo from Ayron Jones. Luke Rain, who looks a bit like a high-end fashion model, plans to sell out the Barboza; by this time next year, it'll be Neumos or Neptune. You heard it here last. DAVE SEGAL