Thursday 12/23

Twerk Ethics, Duranged Pitt, LBS, DJ Venus

(Chop Suey) Twerk Ethics, as far as I can tell, are Seattle's answer to the rightfully reviled genre known as crunkcore: puerile lyrics shouted arrhythmically, shitty beats, goofy rapp clothes, and booty booty booty rockin' everywhere. Are they snatching Brokencyde's highlights out anytime soon? Doubtful, but their frattish antics might, maybe, win them some fans. Duranged Pitt, however, is a massively framed gangsta rapper (self-appointed "the SEA Monsta") repping West Seattle's High Point neighborhood. What I have to say about DP is this: He is a stand-up dude; his bassy voice and breathless, almost Crooked I–like delivery would sound ill over some decent production; and he's best by himself or with one other (like, say, his patna Duce1), rather than shoehorned in with a bunch of guest rappers. Also: He likes Tad. What's fuckin' with that? LARRY MIZELL JR.

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Friday 12/24

What did you want for Christmas again?

Saturday 12/25

Talcum Xmas Party

(Chop Suey) SANTA IS NOT REAL. So what are you going to do now? I can recommend something that will cheer you up. One of the city's BEST dance parties is happening tonight! One hundred percent real music—all vinyl 45s! Incredible vintage soul 45s from the deep crates of the Emerald City Soul Club DJs! I dare you to put down the holiday ham, pull on your Sunday best, and go see if shakin' your money-makers on Talcum's magical powdered dance floor doesn't cheer you up. You'll forget all about this dumb Santa thing—even as ECSC's jocks spin some Xmas-centric soul tunes. KELLY O See also Stranger Suggests.

Sunday 12/26

SOTA, Bad Ass Yella Boys, dj100proof

(Nectar) It's good to end 2010 with a show by a local hiphop crew that had an impact on this year. That crew is State of the Artist (SOTA), which is Parker, Young TH, and Hyphen8d, and this was the year the trio released its debut album, SeattleCaliFragilisticExtraHellaDopeness, a rich and scintillating mix of beats and raps that in certain ways revisits and revives the excitement that rocked the underground scenes in L.A. and the Bay Area. The quartet also dropped one of the dopest videos and tracks of the year, "Extrahelladope" (which featured Cloud Nice members Helladope and Jarv Dee). SOTA are one of the four crews that kept the fire of Seattle's hiphop alive in 2010. CHARLES MUDEDE

Monday 12/27

Quite possibly the dullest night of the year.

Tuesday 12/28

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

(El Corazón) Fast-rapping, Grammy-winning, Cleveland-born Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's tour features a live band playing songs from their 1995 album E. 1999 Eternal. Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone, Flesh-N-Bone, and Layzie Bone present a smooth, prickled, gangster-firing audio package. The band's 2010 jaunt is partially inspired by one member's tribulations. On July 13, 2008, after a decade of incarceration due to charges of assault with a deadly weapon and probation violation, Flesh-N-Bone was released from Pleasant Valley State Prison. On March 28, 2010, Mr. Flesh-N-Bone was picked up on a felony warrant in Cleveland but was released five days later and charges were dropped. He's eager to get down and show you his hardness, his freedom, his realness, and his redemption. TRENT MOORMAN

Stop Biting: Beat Makers Holiday Edition

(Lo-Fi) The long-running Stop Biting weekly always draws some of the region's (and L.A.'s!) most accomplished producers and DJs to its hiphop summit meetings. The agenda for this "Beat Makers Holiday Edition" consists of 10 local slap masters presenting their own creations as well as slicing and dicing Run-D.M.C.'s classic "Christmas in Hollis" into fabulously postmodern configurations. DJs Introcut, Absolute Madman, Same DNA, and AC Lewis provide yet more funky ambience, while some of the area's nimblest b-boys and -girls breakdance phenomenally. DAVE SEGAL

Wednesday 12/29

Wild Orchid Children, Broken Nobles, Country Lips, Bored Room

(Black Lodge) Wild Orchid Children are virtuosos of maximum-overdrive psych rock, with soul to burn. Dave Segal

Thursday 12/30

Star Anna & the Laughing Dogs, Kasey Anderson and the Honkies

(Tractor) If you enjoy good strong melodic rock of the Old 97's/Lucinda Williams variety and haven't yet exposed yourself to Ellensburg's Star Anna & the Laughing Dogs, you're in for a life-enhancing treat. Well described by true believer Duff McKagan as "a mix of Merle Haggard, Mark Lanegan, and Patsy Cline," Star Anna possesses a good, old-fashioned Great Voice, which her band surrounds with an alternately lush and spiky dramatic racket. Opening the show: Kasey Anderson and the Honkies, the Portland blues rockers celebrating the release of their new record, Heart of a Dog. (Fact: If the Northwest music scene were the movie Road House, Kasey Anderson and the Honkies would be the house band.) DAVID SCHMADER

U.S.F., Decor, Baby Guns, DJ EZ Action

(Chop Suey) The recently formed Seattle twosome Decor (Patrick Haenelt, aka Electrosect, and Roman Syke) create a blissed-out, beautiful downtempo electronica that's encrypted in misty mystery and laced with trenchant, high-IQ'd lyrics by the prolix Mr. Syke. Their music should be wafting through opium dens and chill-out rooms of the highest order. Imagine if late-era Coil, Legendary Pink Dots, and Current 93 communed in the studio and commingled their alchemical talents into a sort of dramatic yet meditative elixir of psychedelia. Decor have something very distinctive going on here—see their radical rearrangement of the Supremes' "Where Did Our Love Go." Explore Decor at DAVE SEGAL

Friday 12/31

Luke Hess, Jon McMillion, Lusine

(Baltic Room) World-class techno, all night long. DAVE SEGAL


(Moore) The L.A. band X secured their place in history the minute they unveiled their sui generis blend of punk rock, beat poetry, and the heart-achiest harmonies in history. Tonight the band hits the Moore for a combination New Year's Eve celebration/multimedia career retrospective, which begins with a screening of the 1986 documentary X: The Unheard Music followed by the live performance of the band's classic 1980 debut, Los Angeles, in its entirety. Go to support an invaluable band's well-earned victory lap, stay for the short songs with long titles, including but not limited to "Sex and Dying in High Society," "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline," "The World's a Mess, It's in My Kiss," and "Your Phone's Off the Hook, but You're Not." DAVID SCHMADER

Purple Rhinestone Eagle, This Blinding Light, He Whose Ox Is Gored, Dead Kill, Badlands

(Comet) New Year's Eve will take a major psychedelic bent tonight with this heavy helping of loud guitar rock. The Jefferson Airplane–nodding drone of Portland trio Purple Rhinestone Eagle should be an excellent mind-eraser for anyone who'd like to forget 2010 ever happened. This Blinding Light will prime your memory banks for the erasure with their walls of sonic whitewash. Just take in "Monochord in Your Eyes," the sprawling, earsplitting nine-and-a-half-minute track on their MySpace page, which alone will lead you astray from whatever you're doing at work. I feel like I just took a couple of bong hits after listening to an hour of this stuff. Tune in, turn on, and reset. GRANT BRISSEY

Neurosis, Ludicra, YOB, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth

(Neumos) New Year's Eve is typically considered a time of celebration, reflection, and hope. But there's also an overarching sense of passing and finality. So while most people will prefer to spend a joyous evening making resolutions with friends and family, Neurosis will ruthlessly ponder our past transgression, the foreboding future, and the inevitable end of it all. While not exactly a trip for the faint of heart, the band's immense walls of malevolent guitar, primitive percussion, and industrial rattle conjure a kind of sonic cataclysm perfectly suited for those who would forgo the festivities to see the past razed and laid to waste. Here's to the slow wilt and crumbling close of another year. BRIAN COOK

Dyme Def, Hounds of the Wild Hunt, NighTraiN

(Columbia City Theater) Where will you ring in the New Year? You should seriously consider one of the absolute nicest (formerly the oldest) new bars in Seattle—the Bourbon at the Columbia City Theater. The theater reopened this past summer. It was built way back in 1917 and has a rich history—vaudeville, jazz, film, punk—it's even rumored to be one of the first places Jimi Hendrix ever graced a stage. You almost expect Baby New Year and Father Time to show up together and raise a good-luck toast to all that's good in Seattle. They'd definitely raise a glass to Dyme Def. These hometown hiphop heroes have been doing nothing but good since they released their first album in 2006. Maybe they'll play "Timeless" off the new album Sex Tape right at midnight. I bet Father Time would like that. KELLY O

Saturday 1/1

Queen Bitch, Junior on the Prowl

(Tractor) The first day of the year traditionally is a godforsaken wasteland for clubs, following the all-out debauchery of New Year's Eve. One pities any group trying to draw a decent crowd on January 1. But the David Bowie tribute band Queen Bitch could make this usually dreary night just hunky dory (no shame in my pun game). The Thin White Duke's catalog provides generous portions of rich sonic comfort food for hungover rock fans. Queen Bitch's faithful renditions of Bowie's sublimely literate and flamboyant glam, folk, hard, and art rock could be a most reliable cure for your 1/1/11 doldrums. Don't let me hear you say life's taking you nowhere. DAVE SEGAL

Sunday 1/2

Can anything be more pointless than this day?

Monday 1/3

Deathbeat, Perfect Janice, Somnomballistic, Sicarii

(El Corazón) The Seattle metal scene wouldn't be shit without the suburbs. It's no secret that the heaviest bands always seem to be bred in the city's outlying towns. Everett's Somnomballistic are no exception, as their straightforward brutal death-metal slams, Cookie Monster vocals, and morbid lyrics are enough to piss off even the most open-minded of roommates. If you're a fan of the more technical side of death metal, stick around for the local guitar-sweeping force known as Perfect Janice. New Year's bonus: If your resolution involves any kind of weight loss, surely the sheer breakneck speed at which these bands operate will have you sweating bullets in no time. Start your New Year with a little ear-bruising pleasure. KEVIN DIERS

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Tuesday 1/4

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'... into the future. How bloody predictable.

Wednesday 1/5

Blicky, C'est La Mort, Mutiny Mutiny

(Neumos) Wasn't your New Year resolution to see and support more local music? If not, maybe it should be, you hipster snob. And here is a fine place to start! Seattle electro rockers Blicky are celebrating the release of their new album, Recluse, tonight at Neumos. They're one part shoegaze, one part new wave, and one part drugged daze. C'est La Mort echo Blicky's shoegaze elements, but their music has a little more gothic/Cure vibe and their frontwoman sounds more like Tori Amos than Robert Smith. The evening's openers, Mutiny Mutiny, sound like they probably really like Fugazi and/or Jawbox and other D.C. bands from the 1990s. And how can that be bad? So get thee to Neumos and make good on your promise to listen locally in 2011. MEGAN SELING

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