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Zenspider ♥♥ Coffee drinking, music listening, tender-hearted scorpio who makes me blush; be my valentine so I finally have someone to kiss in the Seattle rain. X

Happy Engagement EW! ♥♥ I can't wait! I love you! Noah

Meat Love ♥♥ Roasty McBeef loves Porkshanks Au Jus!!

Yeah, Fuck Yeah! ♥♥ Brandon, It's not about what you say, it's about what's on your face. I'm glad it's me! You're definitely my favorite! Happy Valentine's Day! Lauren

CLE Italian Goddess ♥♥ You rocked my world on Mother's Day in 2003 when you rode on my Harley in Las Vegas. A new house, a new SUV and two kids later, you still rock me KK!!!

NORA LOVES BEN ♥♥ like a mighty wind. Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face? You are my forever valentine. I love you with my everything. 06.17.06. I do! I do! I do!

A Poem for my l0v3 ♥♥ Roses are red/Violets are blue/All my Base/Are belong to you. Happy Valentines, you sexy geek! *chu* ♥♥ Hi baby. Happy Valentine's Day! I think about you every day. I Tell brothers hi. Love, Dewie

Dearest Funhouse ♥♥ I loved you long before the name change. Thank you for taking my punk rock virginity all those years ago. See you soon! -Jolene the Bean

my jerk guy ♥♥ thanks for always being there to insult me at the perfect time. one day we will get saki bombs and moon rocks and go crazy. taste the rainbow bitch.

To Daddy with love ♥♥ As my massuese you've made me drool, and as my chef you've continually satiated my hunger for eggplant. I still owe you a massage on our next date.

Miss Claire ♥♥ I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world. I am a truly lucky individual to have you in my life. I will see you when you get home... slug.

TractorSexFatality! ♥♥ To Rob, Dave, John and Ward: honey toast and tang forever. Or until the toaster stops working. xo, Kate

Mahna Mahna ♥♥ I love how you love me/In my life I love you more/You, my brown eyed girl.

for always ♥♥ Dear Goodstuff. I love you. It's that simple, and I've learned that there's not much I can do about it. You are my happy thought.

F.J (My Real Thing) ♥♥ When the storms comes, I'll B your shelter. You may B emotional and complex, I'll B there 4 U. When the roller coaster crashes, we WILL rebuild it. -Star

Where are they now? ♥♥ Cheyenne, It has been at least a lifetime but I think of you often. Happy V-Day from Bailey and me. felix

Bena Bena Bena Bena ♥♥ Mr. Bena, what shall we ever do with you? SD here we come! Happy Valentine's Day, Baby! I love you always. Your Pillish Little Wifey (Ms. Huya)

Always Been You ♥♥ Will, I never knew UA would be the best decision I've ever made, but it was because I met you, the hot guy in my math class. I love you, Meg

my adorable pickle ♥♥ How sweet and sensitive you are, full of wonderment and childish play. Can't wait to explore more with you. Waiting with your valentine kisses.

bachstar ♥♥ Who's the hottest localization expert in the world? With sexy glasses, flaming hair, and an enigmatic job title? Must be Bach. Love, larkness

SEXLEXIA ♥♥ Desert Moon to Blue Lagoon, I'm blessed to have you to share my life, my love, and my graying hair. Thanks for loving me and my sexy learning disorder.

J ♥♥ I love you. I love you more when you are clean. S

SkilletStyle! ♥♥ On this joyous, bloody, and Hallmark holiday I wish you much love and happy times. Here's cheers to 6 and a half years! Much Love, Me!

daniel p. ♥♥ From that first backflip over the back seat of you car (nerves and elan) it's only gotten better. Badgers and lemurs. Love, finn

Bettyx ♥♥ my sexy sweet siren... xoxo

You and I collide ♥♥ Even the best fall down sometimes, but I know that I am the luckiest. You are my sunshine. Your you-ness fills me in the most wonderful ways.

Wanna compare tatoos ♥♥ Jessica I see you every week day and want to see you more. Even with your saggy tits and dumpy ass I think you're hot. Wanna compare tats? SD

Chadwick My Chadwick ♥♥ Thank you for showing up, yr g.


SPECIAL EDDY!!!! ♥♥ I knew u'd look in here. Jeep still murfs. Give me/us a call. We have not written you off. Never could. Last encounter not my doing. Surprised me too.

Amy, I Adore Thee ♥♥ Roses are red/Gondola cars are blue/Why're we so happy/When he makes a soft poo. I love you Sweetest Valentine

Marriage rocks! ♥♥ Two daughters, two cats, eight years of marriage, fourteen years together, and more love than ever. Thank you for making me so lucky. Love, Tige

which one do ya like ♥♥ if loving someone is 2 like them passionately, we need a new word. i like u plenty; we fuck too much to doubt r passion. if not a word, a psychic msg:


eat my luv i heart u ♥♥ karrie sweet girl i do adore is warm n right and plenty more. she is so fine my heart does spasms. i'll be over this weekend we'll have an orgasm. love J

my SWEETeSt day ♥♥ To my eternal partner, Simdy, I can't begin to explain how much I love you. I may be an ass at times, but I want you to know, I will always love you.

For Sara ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Baby. I'm so happy that we're together. I love you and the life that we share, and the best is yet to come!

TO MY WHITE HAT ♥♥ My lover, my friend, my pun buddy, my court musician, my personal chef, my partner—I cherish you in all your incarnations. Inescapably yours...

PUTIAN 70 ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day Angel Face! I love ya.

I love you amira! ♥♥ baby, i love you so much and i can't wait to see that sexy ass in... well nothing!

A moderne romance ♥♥ Nick, By this time next year we'll be married, and I can't wait to be your wife. I look forward to the rollercoasters of life. I love you. Nora

Pucca ♥♥ It's Garu, your ninja boyfriend. Can you please quit chasing me around the Showbox for my number. Hit me up at Love ya Pucca.

Mina Mina Mina Meena ♥♥ The absolute love of my life. You make me who I am and continue to motivate me because you are so understanding and supportive. I love you tons. Brian

Alligator Pear ♥♥ I just wanted to let you know that I will cut you. I will smash you. And then I will wear luscious with no regrets. Love, Blacky.

My Valentine? ♥♥ If I had one wish it would be you. If I had one wish you would be mine and I yours too. So here I wish that it were true. Will you be my valentine?

Mr. Stockwell ♥♥ Here's to another year of happy socks, happy perfume, happy you and happy me! That girl at O'Briens got lucky that night in Paris. Je t'aime! RS

Sherilla ♥♥ Me Not So Good With The Words, So Here Goes. You're Killing Me!!! I Love You!!! You Make Dying Happy!!! Kenjo ♥♥ Hey baby, I'm moderately ecstatic to go to the Netherlands and spend the rest of my life with you. I love you, Happy Valentine's Day, DMK, your girl.

I'm a Jerk ♥♥ Rena, Even though I poo in the basement and chew on things, you still love me and cuddle me. Sorry and thank you. Faithfully, Rocco

My Peanut Butter ♥♥ My Sweet PB, you are and will always be the perfect match for me. Happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life! Love, Your Jelly

To My Hot Muffin ♥♥ I love you just the way you are. You are my favorite person and will always be. Nothing beats waking up with my hot muffin and coffee. Love, Kong

To My Dear Corrito ♥♥ From 2000 miles away my love for you only grows stronger. Thank you for the strength that yer love and support bring. Muchas Smoochas. Te Amo, Lulie

REA LOVES RUSE ♥♥ You may be a piece of crap, but LOVE conquers all. Be inspired, be strong, feel validated, and know you can conquer this. You are loved by us. H+N+A=?

Kai ♥♥ You are the best Naked Mole Rat a boy could want. Wanna burrow under my covers sometime soon?

Furry-Artist Girl ♥♥ As your aquaintance, client, friend and lover I'm terrilby lucky to be able to know and care for you. Happy Valentine's Day. xoxo, not a skinhead

Ditto ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, and almost 9 months. You are my favorite person to be around, and I think we go great together. I love you, Ace. (p.s. You're hot!)

YOBO ♥♥ Every day I make another little paper heart for you. Thank you for being my everything. I look forward to spending forever with (and on) you

Trans continentalism ♥♥ Dear Pam, I love you. Please come hang out with me! Your transcontinental lover

Ireneypoo ♥♥ BERT! Fish eating rockstar! Happy V-Day!

Pop-chlo-dev-betsy ♥♥ Favoritist Seattle friends: No time like V-day to tell you how much I love and miss you. A hug, a shrimpball, and a phone call [soon] for all of you. J

Dearest Kyle, ♥♥ Will you be my Valentine? I love your guts, Francis

Ms. Amie ♥♥ You are beautiful and amazing. I hope you are in my life forever!

To Mr. Phoenix ♥♥ Here's to a lifetime of feeding each other vanilla mochi, poke-and squeeze-plays, and talking in the dark when we should be asleep. I love you forever!

SOULHNTERS!! ♥♥ You guys are my true valentines! Thanks for always being there for me, especially lately. I love ya! Koodles forever.

hey booger ♥♥ Thanks for taking a chance on a jaded old drunk. Here's to many more years filled with bike rides and bourbon walks. Stinky

Elyse ♥♥ hey, what's up. i need a boy who likes me for who i am & respects me.

A longtime love ♥♥ Miss you baby! Hope Sao Paulo is as great as you are!

To My Love Stephen ♥♥ I love the way u make me feel, the way u look, smell, taste, everything about you. You're perfect! I love you. Happy Valentines Day Luvah! Love Ash

For My Phoenix ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Monkeyface! I Love You!! Mommy

To J, from A ♥♥ Simply put, I love you with all of my heart, and I am grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for loving me and sharing your life with me.

MommaBat ♥♥ I love you, batgirl!

IN/OUT Parking ♥♥ Bus, Your HotRod can park in my garage any day, any time! Hazard

My Trowels ♥♥ Another year gone by, and we still rock. We raise our wooden goblets to hip-hop, kick ass cheesy browns, and the blood of our enemies.

Holmes Too Cool ♥♥ I love you baby. Your ronson lights my fire.

Nicole! ♥♥ I am happier than ever. Thank you so much for being an amazing lover, partner, and influence on me. I can't wait to see what comes next.

YOU'RE SO FABULOUS! ♥♥ I *heart* you Melissa. JM

Woody Woody Woody!!! ♥♥ Thanks for giving me a lovely Seattle home and experience. I miss you! You make myheart go pitter-patter. Heart, Sprout

So sublime. ♥♥ Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love. —Jane Austen. I might've wanted more, but I'm very happy with what I've got.

Shannon R ♥♥ I love you. Kevin H

Ben! ♥♥ Here's to more roadtrips, wrestling events, movies, and Sunday crosswords in the years to come. Happy Anniversary and thanks for 2005. Love, Heather

Bothell Posse Etc. ♥♥ Choo, Papa & Dede, Doug & Naomi, Betsy & Todd, Lindsay & Brooke, Erin, Adrian & Mandy, Maggi, Mer Jen, Chris, Z, Kate & Steve, Kylene, I MISS AND LOVE YOU ALL! H

Precious Harry ♥♥ You of the soft cheek, the loud mouth, the good heart: you are beautiful. I love your singing and sleep-talk. If you believe in love, let's get it on.

Interloper 6 ♥♥ Remember your original proposal? Let's get the "houseplant" technology in gear and hunt us some humans! Love, your Familiar

MOPEY LOVES POOPY ♥♥ Poopy, I think you're pretty all right. I think I'd go so far as to say that I love you. And now for some Chinese: "Bie Xiao Wo. Wo Hen Xihuan Ni! Mopey

CLUBHOUSE BENCH ♥♥ Wen U unpak "luv" from ur suitcase, what sense unfoldz? taste layers? D'aromas infuze U2ntoxication? mind radiate w/warmth? Nu beats dance n ur heart?

An ode to Mellzah ♥♥ Your sweet roboty figure/My heart is fit to burst/Oh Mellzah, destroyer of worlds/Cthulhu should truly eat you first.

To Hunny Bunny ♥♥ Hi Babe, Happy Valentine's Day! Still smitten after all these years. Love, Big Guy

daisuki benbear! ♥♥ dear my baby b: i love you times infinity! boo

My Little Love's ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day Shante and Lil Santos. You both are my world and my biggest loves. I love you both. From your Mama

Whom do I adore? ♥♥ The answer is you Melissa! Stay with me, be with me, I love you! I believe in you and know that together we can make the life we want. Believe it!

Long Term Crush ♥♥ Andrew, you're a stalker and drive me crazy. What game are we playing? I want to see you again. You know I'm a flake but you should call me anyway.

wilco love ♥♥ It's a little cheesy to just let you know how much I appreciate you. Alas, I am cheese. I love you Brandon and enjoy each day with you next to me.

Nouvelle Romantique ♥♥ The first time you kissed me, I was filled with stars and I knew I loved you. I hope it won't be too long before you want to see me again. I miss you.

Sweet Honey Love ♥♥ you're my favorite.

The People's Champ ♥♥ You farted on me in your sleep last night, but you're too hot to hold a grudge...but not so hot I won't pull the blankets over your head next time. Lotsa <3s

His Name is John ♥♥ You are the most handsome man on earth. I would do anything for you, ANYTHING! The love of my life, and truly my soulmate! Will you be my Valentine?

Legs! ♥♥ Your eyes are as deeply dark as are the desert skies, your lips are as soft as july peaches, your beauty maddens the soul like wine.

Amazon Katie ♥♥ Glittering sex pot, glowing example of womanly hotness, towering inferno of lust! Happy V-Day!

Summit from Belmont ♥♥ I love you too.

Online bitches ♥♥ You're all slammin hotties!

Ms. Squidge, MFGF ♥♥ I love you more every day that passes. I thank you for the last year, and hope for many, many more. This is the first day of my life. Agent 69 & GDBF.

Sweetest Snooks ♥♥ Mia carissima moglie: Where we've been and are is wonderful; all the better to imagine where we will be. Omnis dies dulcior quam prior. Love, Dinks (GBFS)

Clvr Dnne's Whistler ♥♥ Everytime you sing, I am taken away. Your voice is full of loss and longing and the blood of the Celts. Word is getting out, and it won't be long.

My Little Mermaid ♥♥ I love you, Kim. Always.

My Dear Sweet WINTER ♥♥ How I love you Baby. You fill my soul, my belly, my heart, and my hope with love and sweet life. I'm not letting go or going away. I want US. We are a gift!

Clio Belle ♥♥ How much Clio could an Abara love if an Abara could love a Clio. He'd love as much Clio as an Abara could if an Abara could love a Clio and he does

To Anita, From Eric ♥♥ I enjoy all the time we spend together. Thank you for being there for me and Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your eyes feel well enough to read this.

HEATHER LEE PEACH ♥♥ You're my favorite fruit! I LOVE YOU! Thank you for loving us as much as you do and in all of the ways that you do! Your adoring peach eater!

For You ♥♥ who keep me awake at night, thinking about all the crazy crap you pull everyday. I hope to laugh my way into your heart. Cheers to that! D

WOOF WOOF GRRR ♥♥ Jerry Bear, after a grope and a hot tub I think we need a quiet romantic evening alone. Just you, me, a movie and some lube. Quiver, Quiver

POOKY ♥♥ Thanks for believing in me and making me a better person. Keep positive and always imagine "Oh The Places You Will Go." SUNSHINE

Who's my... ♥♥ little peanut? Big Pumpkin

31 sideways yous ♥♥ I felt like I would never meet the "right one." That's why I was so surprised when I met you. You've fulfilled my dreams in so many ways. I love you.

QUEEN OF PLASTIQUE ♥♥ You are my tacky kitchen, my favorite roommate, my best friend, and the mother of the best baby ever. Now go make me some Herb & Butter!

My Dear Sexy Sadie ♥♥ I saw you on Capitol Hill. You're like some Christ among hipsters, but deep down you're the girl I'm in love with. We're both just simple writers.

Jenny S. ♥♥ I am happy to see things are going well for you. I wish you both the best and hope that you have a Happy Valentine's Day together.

Peter ♥♥ We love you watermelon. JEL

Desert Island ♥♥ Andy, I wouldn't mind being on a desert island with you, but if you died first, I wouldn't hesitate to eat you. You're the best. All my love, Jess

1300 ain't NOTHIN' ♥♥ I love you, Kathryn... SOOOOOO much. Here's to many more nights of smugglin', sweetheart (SMIIIILING) "1..2...3!!!" xxxoooooxoxooxoxooox

Junges Reh ♥♥ Song #7, 6 years ago, that was it. Now I love my spring chicken even more. You hot stuff, you so crazy I wonna have yo baby! Love me, love me, do me!

amber look here! ♥♥ phil still hearts amber.

CLING TO ME IVY ♥♥ Like tart needs sweet, like heart needs beat, like ideas need feelings, like floors need ceilings; you're my better half. Eli

HOT COOOOOFFE ♥♥ My Ddot: me + you = awesome. Love, your Bee

Smell the fist ♥♥ Some of the happiest moments of my life have been in your arms. I love you so much, Tara!!! xoxo... Dougie not so fresh, your number one fan

it's a wild world ♥♥ every road trip, every long conversation on the couch, every move to a different state, loves lost and found, the birth of my daughter. i love you.

My girl Negihama ♥♥ Living with you in Ballard is wonderful! I treasure every day and look forward to spending the not-so-distant future with you. - Your Sweet Baboon

never loved you more ♥♥ you make days seem lighter, quieter, filled with better things than before. thousands of miles did nothing but make me realize how much i needed you.

Baby heart Baby ♥♥ Oh, adhere to me /For we are bound by symmetry /And whatever differences our lives have been/We together make a limb

Finger Pointing Lady ♥♥ In her heart, her eyes, her smile and mind; enshrined, is the beauty, of our world to find.

Mandii ♥♥ I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome and one of the nicest people I know! Just remember that! You deserve the best!!! Moonrock

Ariel ♥♥ How better to express my love than with 150 characters (including spaces) for free in a free publication that you prob'ly won't read. I love you. Adam

LORI S. ♥♥ You are the best and deserve the best! I love you dearly! Yourself.

Coco ♥♥ Roses are red/Violets are blue/Lula loves Coco/And Eli does too

JB ♥♥ You could do the packing, and I could do the riding. I know you're taken now, you could've had my U-Haul instead. To the sexiest dyke on skates!

Barry, ♥♥ It is tough for me to describe the absolute adoration I feel for you. Peace, joy, love, and happiness have all mixed together. Love, Laura

HEIDI HO RANGER JOE! ♥♥ You are the voice in my life that tells me everything will be ok in the end. I hope I can be yours! Love aways, your friends Rosita.

GAIL MARIE ♥♥ I want to dance on dawn's desire/Ignited by your fuse/The pounding of my heart/attached to your glance. Philip Simeon

I am all yours ♥♥ And 'it came from my vagina' sealed the deal. I love you and your vagina very much. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Shenanigen Love ♥♥ You're probably too cool to read through these, but I want to document that I love you, even from afar. I miss your smile.

SHIT BUNNY ♥♥ Tried to remove the arrow but the point broke off—next to the knives in my back. My bloody Valentine. Bloodlust. Lust. Love. YOU. ME. US. It's disgusting.

ML ♥♥ Je t'aime CA

My Darling Boo-Boo, ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day. Thank you for your unflagging support in all that I attempt. I love you more than you might believe.

So That's How It Is ♥♥ Marci, Love Always Sandpaper Head

Poops ♥♥ Daddy loves boo. I love coming home to you, thanks for being the best little girl in the world.

My Dearest Jason ♥♥ Right from the start you stole my heart and it's yours now forever. You're awesomem, you rock, you're the world's greatest lover. So true do I love you, Bell

Valentine's Day Card ♥♥ You're the gayest motherfucker I've ever met! Love, Brian

My Bubbie ♥♥ Thank you for being so patient with me. I love you; forever and then some.


Hey, Muffin Man ♥♥ Could you please bring a lil' more sugar? I love you, mister. You make me happier than... bacon. Cat& Robot will never part, they're just too cute.

Pike Place Bombshell ♥♥ To that sexy girl with blonde hair at Pike Place Cafe: blue eyes, short hair, red lipstick, sassy and oh so cute: You've got the hottest smile! Yum...

papi lovin'mommy ♥♥ Angie, I'm glad that we finally found each other. You're my other half. A strong woman that calls me on my shit is the one for me. Happy 3yrs, baby. Lisa

HYSTERIA-stars ♥♥ amazing wonderful YOU... that kiss, your soothing heart, scent of my hair... undressing you... kissing your scars... so much more. come, dream with me...

Marisa ♥♥ Tell your mother I can't be converted and tell your father I'll never be senator. If they don't like it... tough shit. I still want you to marry me.

Blue J & the Queen ♥♥ My darling J, I miss you. We're so amazing together! Last month will tide me over for a while, but come back to me soon. All my love, T.

hi ♥♥ ;yyy

Dear Vickie, ♥♥ Who's hot? You are, hot stuff. And I just can't get enough of your love. Here's to our fifth year together, and many more. Love, Bradley

gumdrops & lolipops ♥♥ water & stretching can only do so much for me, i need you breathing in my ear twisting my nipples and shivering on top of me. this is what keeps me up *M*

to my bellinghambabe ♥♥ lisa you send me! all i want for valentine's is to spend some quality time with you... cleaning your room, basketball, tennis?? see you soon, moho

Under the covers cop ♥♥ hey stinky! even after all these years i still love to do dirty things to you. i love you.

Girl w/ Far Away Eyes ♥♥ Don knows your name. I wouldn't trade my time with you for all the women at Stellar. I love you darlin... crust, crumbs, and all. xoxo JS

Hey Counselor... ♥♥ What a great first month this has been! You know exactly where you can file my briefs... Happy Valentine's Day, love J, xoxoxo

sup boo ♥♥ dear sarahface, happy valentine's day. our faces need to colide soon cause i miss you and your beautiful face. ilu<3dennisface (ps i miss holding your hand.)

Dear Pekie, ♥♥ Is it a personals ad? If you like pina coladas... Nope, just a note to say I'm happy we're still together after all these years! Love, Miss Kitty

Weena-Rose ♥♥ You ARE the love of my life. Who knew that meeting in an elevator would turn into a 13-year love affair? I didn't, but glad we took a chance! Jimmy

Googly Bear ♥♥ You are my favorite domestic partner ever and I can't wait 'til we get home so I can rip off all your clothes and have my way with you! Schmoopzie

caitlin ♥♥ i want to say something that would make you explode into all your elementary particles and waves but fuck that... anyways i love you so much

Cost Guard Hottie ♥♥ I give you my heart (...but if you'd rather play with the package it comes in, I wouldn't mind.)

X slave Mick ♥♥ U know I adore you always, I just want you to be happy. I am doing my best to help you get a girl. Thank you for being my best X! Love always, Merrrr

I love you, BUN! ♥♥ 2 my bestest forever friend Erika. You're amazing, wonderful, sexy, smart & much more! You rock! I hope U get everything your heart desires! Kitty XO

My LOVERMAN ROBBIE! ♥♥ U R my 1 & only! I love U more than U know & I am ONLY yours! I'd gladly live in UR armpit forever baby! What next? Wild circus monkey sex? Kitty XOXO

hey care bear ♥♥ i love you with all my heart. i am tired sometimes, but this love is a new experience for me. you have been the best thing in my life. i love you 4ever.

emma doll ♥♥ Thanks for sleeping by my side every night and giving me a smile when i wake up next to you. i'm glad you still smell like real emma. love b

As SAAD as Ever ♥♥ Tonic: Here's hoping your day consists of drunkeness, idiocy, and perhaps a little danger...? I miss not being there to join in! Enivré à Paris

Xs and Os from B ♥♥ Tim, Knowing you the last 5 or 6 years has been awesome. I'll always have a crush on you, and maybe someday things will work out... <3 The Youngin'

EDDIE, MY LOVE ♥♥ You're the most amazing friend, lover and husband! I love our life together. I adore you (& your portugese ass)! ENA! I love you! YOUR GIRL, ANDRA XO

WAKE D BUFFALO UP DAMNIT! ♥♥ i hungry! thought u said there ain't no sunshine when i'm gone, so where is it? bubbles is here! i know i wub u, do u?

KRIS!! ♥♥ Our love will last forever, baby. Now let's fuck.

Elvis, ♥♥ When I think of you, my heart stands still. But other parts of me quiver, tremble, and kick up quite a fuss! You, me and a lazy afternoon alone! YONNI

6 years (4 j,mae) ♥♥ threw tuff times and tuffer choices you've handled it all with grace and beauty. Dif pts in our lives aside for the feelins we share who cares. what's 6yrs?

MAR-BEAR! ♥♥ Olive juice, all the time. Let's share a city again and stay in bed all day long. You, me, and a bottle of whiskey. Love, M

KC J. loves you ♥♥ There were some bright spots in this storm. You. If I love you, you know it. If I don't you know it. Come visit me in the sun! Love you!

!!ROX!! ♥♥ You are truly my prince and king of all that is me. I am so happy and hope this lifestyle is better suited. I am always yours remember love, Lauren

Lee ♥♥ Be our Valentine. We are so glad you decided to come live with us. We love our threeways with you. Your sweet tarts, Evan and Rupert

Southern Mothafuckah ♥♥ yeah you. whaddaya say me you drive to vegas and drink some whiskey. we gettin' the fuck out. you are the baby jesus in my king cake. only u know. xo

Dear Fuzzy ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day. You're cool and lovely. Remember always: "Don't bite the dick that fucks you honey, and it'll be good to you." Wevas forever!

Stainless Steel Home ♥♥ You are an amazing girl! You get ONE cozy couch, the rest is cold steel—Voce e uma menina muita linda e te amo para sempre. Happy Valentine's Booby

Blaapus Nesenipper ♥♥ You make me feel like the luckiest man in the world!I look forward to growing old with you, laughing as our tattoos sag!*mestligestest*est*est*est*smb

My Favorite Sox Fan ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day babes!

BACKGAMMON IN BED? ♥♥ Victrola or Sleepytime tea? That's the ? I like either, as long as you're around. To my sweet poet, who's made everything become simple, but even clearer. Kiss

Laconic Lars ♥♥ I am glad for the cesar excuse, head, gin & tonics, missy elliot, a long walk to the locks, spooning, camping, Europe, and being roomies. I love you.

this is for LEE ♥♥ Please be my valentine? If the answer is yes, meet me in the keyboard lab. You play the strings of my heart as dexterously as you play your saxophone.

You Are My Favorite ♥♥ I have never felt more loved & as happy than I have since I have been w/ you. I am deeply and madly in love w/ you, Julian & would do ANYTHING for you

chino ♥♥ From the moment I saw you and your curly haired head I knew I wanted to know you... and now all I know is that I absolutely love you. Gracias baby!

My Hot Vietnam Momma ♥♥ Oanh, Remember the time I called you a "lying bitch"? Well, you're not a bitch. And who doesn't lie every so often? Your Master of Sweet Boom-Boom. Chas

To Saru ♥♥ Monkeybutter, I love you more than words can say (and you know I'm usually full of 'em). Here's to another year of love, luck, and lollipops :) <3

Mariah, I like you ♥♥ You are my favorite special ed. teacher, and the cutest girl. Be my valentine! I promise I'll get my license.

Widow Bigglesworth!! ♥♥ Brandi, you really are the girl I want. Maybe someday you'll realize I'm the one for you. Until then, please continue to be my fake girlfriend. Free!!

pavo de mi corazon ♥♥ i used to always want a robot, but i got you instead and you know what? you are so much better than a robot. i looooooooove you<3

2G?! ♥♥ I wrote something for you—a little rhyme or whatever. Love, Bunches (who you thought it was?)

i heart you, snugs! ♥♥ thanks for a great 2 years and 6 months, sweets. happy v-day!

latexhumpsgirl ♥♥ You're Ice, I'm Fire. I guess that makes our offspring luke warm water. From pussycats 2 pegging, ur a full spectrum female! Loving ya mas than ever, P

HEY SHAWNIE!! ♥♥ I am obsessed with you. We are at Otto's now and I am squeezing one off under the table. You are always my valentine. I love you, MAX

08 ♥♥ ...a la folie. Toujours et encore.

Argument = Foreplay ♥♥ Often enough to keep the vibrators you gave me under-used, anyway. Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite Republican, and be glad I'm liberal with love.

KUMARA KELLEY ♥♥ Je vraiment vous aime Kumara. Je souhaite le meilleur pour nous et je vous souhaite une Saint-Valentin Heureuse. Les étreintes et Embrasse. Stephen!

O Happy Day ♥♥ I love every secret moment of you from near and far. One happy future day we will see eye-to-eye and remember the magic past that we long for daily.

Honky Tonk Minds ♥♥ trump lonely hearts anytime. Here's to hootin' & hollerin', Bar-B-Q, Red Velevt Cake, & beer! (And a swift kick in the ass fer Cupid!)

dylanshouldreadthis ♥♥ hey dylan, pragmatically speaking, i think you knew i thought you were hot last quarter. and if you didn't, now you do. happy valentine's day!

Hey, Hott! ♥♥ Dear Jason, You can wear my pants. I will wear your panties. Be mine? Love, Jenny

Erin the Ice Queen ♥♥ Erin, please stop by the lounge some time! Things just haven't been the same since you ditched me for a cell phone... Come back, I miss you so much!

LISA ♥♥ Roses are red/Violets are blue/Here's a cheezy valentine/From me to you

Sean D, chef of mine ♥♥ For all the ways you wake up my heart, the sheer surprise of you, your generous tenderness, big brain & beautiful soul, I'm so glad. I am diving in. R

My Sweet Boy ♥♥ Baby you're so goofy, but you are my love & my life. Here's to a million more happy valentine's days. Love, yer lilmama

To my estranged wife ♥♥ BECKY!! Happy VD Day, babycakes. I'll be sure to think of you whilst out at Schwartz's for a romantic virtual dinner for two—sound good? love, A.

Bus 347, Sat 1/21 ♥♥ You: tall white male in khakis & black hooded sweatshirt. Me: hella bomb. Both of us: reading books. Mad eye sex. Same time this week?

my sweet yugo girl ♥♥ je t'aime! happy anniversary to us! don't ever forget how much i love you. Sevs

CoreyL ♥♥ Like a firelog in fall, like skis in winter, like new clothes in spring and like a park in summer, you're a sheer delight. Baby, I'm a want you. J

Last call. ♥♥ Last night I remembered the most beautiful girl I've ever known. You were everything I wanted and I never told you. I remem bered you too late.

I adore you, Babe ♥♥ Every kiss is sweeter than the last, every day is brighter, every year is more amazing. I love you I love you I love you forever! D-machine

SHUGGIE! ♥♥ You are the shuggiest shuggie in the whole shuggie. I thank my lucky shuggies that I shuggied you! You are the only shuggie for me. Love, SHUGGIE!

To all my hookups: ♥♥ None of you were right for me, but thanks for letting me fuck you. Your vaginas and boobs were mostly great. Sorry about the HPV.

Wiggle-Butt-Haiku ♥♥ Double Entendre: Will I Play Triple Word Score? Rock Paper Scissors! Smiles!

Hey Brann S! ♥♥ Get over here and I'll hose you down with a huge load of! Major Wood

I love you Kenty ♥♥ I love you so much Ken and I am so happy that I married you. You are my best friend and the love of my life. Happy 1st Valentine's Day!ILOVEYOUBABRU.

Sweet Sweet Cassy ♥♥ I love you like a hundred dollars! Through time together and apart whenever I think of the future, I think of you and your sexy smile. Fuck yeah.

Seven year itch ♥♥ and counting. It was always about more than the green card. Thank you for sticking with me through all of this.

Special Super Star ♥♥ To the girl who lit up my life and took over my heart. I love you more than all the stars in the universe. I look forward to all the days ahead.

To my Sweet Bird ♥♥ I love my life with you in the treehouse. Be mine (& Leo's) XXOO P

I want to be on you ♥♥ AdamW/SexPanther, You are the best boyfriend ever. Happy Valentine's Day! You are my favorite. I love you lots & lots! BrittanyL/AlligatorPear

Sexy Sexy-Pet ♥♥ Sexy, you are the sexiest sexy pet in town. Love, THE COUG!!!

Chad ♥♥ your chocolate starfish makes my mouth water

The BEST Ever!!! ♥♥ Kirsten, You may be a bitch every once in a while but you're just the way I love and want you!! You are THE BEST I EVER HAD!!

Guamanian Enchilada ♥♥ U are super beautiful, smart, talented, and funny. We have laughed so much in our summer sundays and snbs. I will miss u when u go 2 school. BFF-m

ROB ♥♥ Why have we not had sex?? I know you think I'm too young but I just had a birthday in December!

Te adoro mi amado ♥♥ Tu eres mi respiracion, mi alma, y mi sere.Te amo con todo mi corazon y vida. Cuando tu sonries, yo puedo ver la luz de angeles.Carino por eternidad-m

The Fairest of All: ♥♥ Mxx, There aren't words or actions that do you justice so I just wanted to tell you that you are my other half. Desert rose, wandering star. ILY~N

Peachy Peach ♥♥ YES! YES! YES! I love you! KK

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